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How To Give Your Cat A Pill

21394522.thbIf you dread giving meds to your feline friend, you’re not alone. Cats can be a real “pill” when it comes to pilling, but if you follow a few simple steps the situation, and the pill, will go down smoothly.

Before giving the pill by hand, check with your vet to see if the medication can be slipped into your pet’s cat food. Once given the okay, place the pill within a soft treat or a portion of canned food. Cats can be cunning, however, so make sure that the pill was ingested.

Preparation is key if you must manually administer medication. Before reaching for your cat, have the medication on hand, get a towel in which to wrap around your cat, and have a treat to reward your brave baby after administering the pill. Also, you may want to lubricate the pill beforehand with a slight coating of butter.

If at all possible, get a partner to hold your four-pawed pal while the pill is being administered. Placing your cat on a raised surface, your partner should stand behind the feline, bringing the cat in close their body and firming grasping the cat by either side. If you do not have a helper, cradle your cat in the crook of your elbow. To avoid scratches, wrap a towel around the cat’s neck and upper body.

Placing one hand on top of your cat’s head with your thumb and fingers on either side of the cat’s cheeks, gently raise the cat’s face to the ceiling. This movement will cause your cat’s mouth to open slightly. The pill resting between the thumb and forefinger of your other hand, put your middle finger on the cat’s lower jaw to open the cat’s mouth wider, then place the pill near the back of the cat’s tongue.

To ensure that the cat has swallowed the medication, quickly close the cat’s mouth and– while keeping the cat’s mouth shut– lightly blow on or gently rub the cat’s nose. Massaging the cat’s throat will also facilitate swallowing. Licking lips is one sign that ensures that the pill has gone down.

Once administered, reward you cat with a treat or cat food, and praise your pal for being cooperative!

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