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Dog-Friendly Day Trips

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Are you wanting to enjoy day trips with your dog? Or are you already taking day trips with your dog but wondering how you can incorporate your dog in more of your daily activities, all while making sure your dog enjoys the outing and stays safe at the same time?

You’ve come to the right place.

We’re the authors of Texas with Dogs as well as Day Trips from Austin, Day Trips from San Antonio, Day Trips from Houston, and over 30 other travel and pet guidebooks and cookbooks. We love nothing better than to jump in the car and head off with our dogs for a day of dog-friendly day tripping fun.

Just what constitutes a day trip? For us, it’s a trip within a two-hour driving radius of home so you can head out for a day of fun–but then put your head on your own pillow that evening.

Here’s a look at our top tips for making the most of your dog-friendly day trip!

Packing for Your Day Trip

Activities for Your Dog’s Day Trip

Day Trip Safety Tips

Dog Day Trip Ideas by Season

Dog Travel 101

Turning Your Day Trip Into an Overnight Trip

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