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Dog-Friendly Home

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If our home is our castle, then a dog just might be the king of that castle!

Budget tips

 Our book Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos covers over 300 ways to save money on your dog’s care…and we’ve got tips for many of those methods right here on DogTipper. You’ll find an entire special section on saving money on your dog’s care with links to our top articles about money-saving methods to keep your budget on leash!

Cleaning tips

OK, we all admit it: our dogs add to our cleaning chores a bit. It’s a small price to pay for the love and joy we receive from them–and, with the right tools, cleaning time can be greatly reduced. From cleaning up loose fur to removing muddy pawprints, this cleaning your dog household section includes all types of cleaning tips as well as product reviews.

Decorating with dogs

I have to admit that I’m an HGTV junkie. While I don’t have the big bucks for huge remodeling or even redecorating projects, I love to redo rooms a little at a time in dog-friendly ways. You’ll find my decorating projects here.

DIY for dogs

Do you enjoy DIY projects for your dog? This section includes DIY projects ranging from upcycled dog collars to leg warms to retro pet beds!

Gardening & Yard Care

Learn more about toxic plants you need to avoid in your landscaping, natural yard treatments to prevent fleas, and how to create the ultimate dog-friendly backyard in our Gardening and Yard Care section.

Homemade dog treat recipes

We’ve written numerous cookbooks including The Healthy Hound Cookbook, and we love to prepare homemade treats and the occasional meal for our dogs. We’ve got a complete dog treat recipe index to this special section which includes recipes for homemade dog biscuits, chicken jerky, dehydrated chews, seasonal treats, and more!


We’ll be breaking out this section in its own Training category page soon with more answers to your questions on training! We’ve got great advice in the Ask Alecia column about holistic ways to train your dog and resolve issues ranging from barking at strangers to separation anxiety!