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Dog Travel Tips

traveling with your dog

Before John and I became pet writers, we were travel writers. For two decades, we wrote travel guidebooks for publishers ranging from Fodor’s to Michelin. Today our travel involves our dogs whenever possible. Irie and Tiki enjoy traveling as much as we do and played an invaluable role in the research of our DogTipper’s Texas with Dogs guidebook (Open Road Guides, distributed by Simon & Schuster).

If you’d like your dog to accompany you on your travels–whether that’s a day trip or a dream getaway, we’ve got a whole collection of tips here on how to make the most of your trip with your furry family members!

Dog Travel 101

Packing for your dog

Staying in a Pet-Friendly Hotel with Your Dog

Safe Travel

More Travel

Traveling Without Your Dog

As much as we love to travel with our dogs, we know that it’s not always possible. Check our special section on Traveling Without Your Dog for information on pet sitters and pet boarding facilities including what to look for in a facility, questions to ask potential pet sitters, and more.

Pet Evacuation in an Emergency

Sadly, not all pet travel is a happy situation; every year, many pet lovers find themselves evacuating with their pets due to a hurricane, flood, fire, or other natural disaster.