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Ceva Animal Health has sponsored this post and the upcoming party, but all opinions are my own.

We all remember the stress of back to school time…and if we share our home with children, that stress is a real factor in everyday life from now through September as we settle into a new schedule. But back to school stress impacts our pets just like it does every member of the household. In our recent “5 Ways to Help Your Dog with Back to School Stress” post, we talked about ways you can help alleviate your dog’s stress this time of year, whether that stress is caused by a schedule change in your household, an older child heading off to college, or just increased foot traffic near your house as children walk to school and back every day. ADAPTIL® for dogs products are a great way to head off that stress. ADAPTIL® copies the natural, canine-appeasing pheromone that dogs have known since birth with collars, sprays and diffusers.

Ceva Animal Health–the makers of ADAPTIL® for dogs and FELIWAY® for cats–is ready to help make your back to school transition less stressful. On Friday, August 17 we’ll be hosting the #CevaBacktoSchool Twitter Party, sponsored by Ceva Animal Health, with tips–and prizes!–specially selected to help you score high marks when it comes to de-stressing your pet!

Bring your questions about pet stress to the #CevaBacktoSchool party when we’ll be giving away prizes from Ceva Animal Health every 10 minutes. Just as ADAPTIL® copies the natural, canine-appeasing pheromone that dogs have known since birth, FELIWAY® has unique pheromone products depending on your cat’s needs: FELIWAY® CLASSIC and FELIWAY® MultiCat to help multiple cats feel calm together.

On Friday, August 17 from 3-4pm ET, you’ll have the opportunity to win ADAPTIL®and FELIWAY®  and to pick up some great tips on helping de-stress your pets during this back to school season. (And you just might find that lowering your pet’s stress level helps your own as well!) We hope you’ll join us to share your pet photos as well as your questions about ADAPTIL® and FELIWAY® –they’ll be on hand to answer your questions!

And, even if you can’t attend the afternoon party, you’ll want to pounce on our RSVP form to be entered to win the pre-party giveaway! You’ll find all the details on the prizes and how to RSVP below. Be sure to mark your calendar, and we hope to see you at the party!


One pre-party prize winner will receive:

  • Choice of FELIWAY® CLASSIC Spray with Nuzzle Buddy or ADAPTIL® Travel Spray with Nuzzle Buddy (Barli’s nuzzling a Nuzzle Buddy above!)

Every 10 minutes, we’ll be giving away a different prize including:

  • FELIWAY® MultiCat Diffuser
  • ADAPTIL® Calm Home Diffuser
  • ADAPTIL® Travel Spray
  • ADAPTIL® Calm On-the-go Collar
  • Nuzzle Buddy for your cat or dog

One Grand Prize winner receives:

  • A prize pack filled with Ceva Animal Health dog or cat products specially selected for your pet!


  • Hashtag: #CevaBacktoSchool
  • Date: Friday, Aug. 17, 2018
  • Time: 3-4pm ET /2-3pm CT / 1-2pm MT / noon-1pm PT
  • Where: on Twitter under the #CevaBacktoSchool hashtag
  • Sponsors: @Ceva_USA, @AdaptilUS and @FeliwayUS
  • Hosts: @DogTipper @CatTipper @HollywoodDogs
  • How to join: Enter the pre-party giveaway in the widget below. You can enter even if you’re not on Twitter or not able to make the party. To enter the party giveaways, just join the party on Friday, August 17 and participate in the fun!

#CevaBacktoSchool Twitter Party FAQ

How do I participate?

All you have to do is participate in the party using the hashtag #CevaBacktoSchool to be eligible to win prizes! You can engage in conversation or share photos of your pet — but, whatever you do, be sure you use the #CevaBacktoSchool hashtag on all your Tweets! The party starts at 3 pm ET, and we’ll be greeting guests starting at 2:30 pm ET. Stop by and say hi!

How will I know if I win?

@CatTipper will be announcing winners every 10 minutes. If you win, you’ll share your shipping info on our prize form. If you win the pre-party prize for RSVPing (entry below), we’ll email you.

How do I follow the fun?

If you’ve been to any of our parties, you know they’re fast-paced! We use Hootsuite and open a column for the #CevaBacktoSchool hashtag–that way you’ll see everything that’s being tweeted from the hosts, sponsors, and fellow guests. You might want to visit our #CevaBacktoSchool TweetChat room, if you prefer. Once you’re there, you can Tweet from the party room and you won’t see any non-party Tweets in your stream.

Which accounts should I follow?

Here’s a rundown of the #CevaBacktoSchool team and duties:

  • @DogTipper will share summer tips, fun facts about ADAPTIL® for Dogs, and will ask questions. Watch for Q1, Q2, etc. and answer with A1, A2, etc.
  • @CatTipper will share summer tips, facts about FELIWAY® for Cats, and will share giveaway winners.
  • @HollywoodDogs will share facts and photos.
  • @Ceva_USA, @AdaptilUS and @FeliwayUS will be on hand to answer your questions!

We hope to see you at Friday’s party! Remember: even if you can’t make it to the party, or you’re not on Twitter, you are eligible to enter the pre-party giveaway below.

Note: Giveaway has ended.

We are working with Ceva Animal Health to produce this Twitter party and share product news with our readers. Prizes will be provided and shipped by Ceva Animal Health.

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