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September means the start of day trip season at our house. Summer’s heat starts to give way to more temperate conditions, and we head out with the dogs in search of fun, whether it’s a trip to a state park or a favorite trail.

And September also means a return to our resolution to stick to healthy treats–for us AND for the dogs. Just as “back to school” time draws attention to healthy meal preparation for children, we are determined to start the dogs’ “school year” off with healthy treats as we hit the road. We want to make sure those road trip snacks provide the fuel Tiki and Barli need to explore and enjoy our getaways.

This summer we reviewed Hearty Bites, an all-natural, single ingredient treat from Campfire Treats, and they’re once again our go-to treat for day trips, like last week’s excursion to dog-friendly Inks Lake State Park. Hearty Bites, made from beef hearts, are just one in a long list of natural dog treats handcrafted in Campfire Treats’ Northern California kitchen. Every Campfire Treats product is created with all-natural, human-grade quality ingredients from U.S. farms and fisheries.

Made in small batches, each of these chews and treats have no added ingredients or preservatives, just pure tasty goodness. The company’s beef, chicken and fish treats, jerky and chews are great for fall travel; we also love using the no-odor treats for patio restaurant treats.

Note: Giveaway has ended.

This giveaway is sponsored by Campfire Treats. As always, we only share products that our own dogs enjoy! Because this is a food product, entries are limited to US addresses.

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