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{ENDED} Win a Pet-Themed Lilla Rose Flexi Hairclip!

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Hot weather is right around the corner here (we’ve already hit 90 degrees on a few days) and that means one sure thing for my twice-daily dog walks: a ponytail!

Usually I grab an elastic band which does the job but comes with the usual tangle/breakage problems we all know very well. So when I had the opportunity to give the Lilla Rose Flexi Hairclip a try, I jumped at the chance!

The Flexi Hairclip is an innovative clip that, like the name implies, is flexible enough to bend around your ponytail, securing it with the attached stick. (You can even opt for a left-handed or right-handed version!) Along with ponytails, the Flexi Hairclip can be used for updos, buns, twists–and even a dog do!

Lilla Rose is a hair accessory company with unique, durable, comfortable solutions to make everyday hair beautiful! The accessories can turn an everyday hairdo into a beautiful style by providing lovely hair accessories for anything from pony tails to updos, for short fine hair to long thick curly hair.

The company offers a range of styles and sizes; I opted for the Pet Love, a stylist exclusive:

Lilla Rose also has the Paw Print Flexi Hairclip which features an eye-catching paw at its center…

…and for cat lover’s there’s even the Cat’s Meow Flexi Hairclip (which is also available as a prize…it’s the winner’s choice!)

I used my Flexi Hairclip for my favorite style: a simple ponytail. It was quick and easy to gather my hair and secure it with the Flexi Hairclip–and it stayed secure even on a windy spring dog walk!

I love that the Flexi Hairclip can easily transition your hair from dog walk to night out with just an easy switch to an updo or bun:

Which would you choose for your prize? One lucky winner will receive their choice of these a Paw Print or a Cat’s Meow Flexi Hairclip thanks to giveaway sponsor Everyday Beautiful with Myra!

How to Pick the Right Size Flexi Clip

To select the right size Flexi Hairclip, I followed Myra’s easy instructions: “We need to start by sizing your pony tail.  To do this, I need you to pull your hair up like you would if you were making a ponytail. Wrap your thumb and first finger around the pony tail to determine the size. Keeping the loop with your thumb and first finger slide that loop out of the ponytail.  Using a coin as a guide ‘measure’ the loop made by your thumb and first finger.”

Once you find the right size for your ponytail, that will be your base size. For a half up hairstyle, you will need a size smaller and, for an updo, you need a size larger.

It took just a moment to get my measurements; my ponytail was about the size of a quarter so I selected a Small Flexi Hairclip. Here’s a look at the seven sizes:

You’ll find more about sizing in this helpful video…but no worries if you end up with the wrong size, as Lilla Rose has a 90-day sizing guarantee for free, with no-hassle exchanges!

Free Shipping Offer

This offer is not in any way sponsored by Lilla Rose, Inc. or redeemable through their website. This is a personal offer only available through Everyday Beautiful with Myra as a bonus to those of you who’ve entered this giveaway. Customers of other stylists are not eligible. Your order must be placed through Myra’s website:  Be sure the checkout page says “Myra Limbaugh” or you will not be eligible to redeem this offer!

After placing your order, including paying the cost of shipping on the website:

  1. email Myra at with the subject line “Free Shipping Offer”
  2. Include your order number and your PayPal email address
  3. Myra will send you a rebate for the cost of shipping on your items. The rebate will arrive via PayPal, although you can use any payment method to make your purchase.
  4. This free shipping offer ends at the conclusion of the DogTipper giveaway, so hurry!

Note: Giveaway has ended.

This giveaway is sponsored by and fulfilled by Everyday Beautiful with Myra; this giveaway is not in any way sponsored by Lilla Rose, Inc.

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Sandy Weinstein

Sunday 5th of May 2019

i love the Paw print hairclip and the horse(Arabian). i also like the stickpins because i wear my hair up in buns a lot.


Tuesday 7th of May 2019

The upins are incredible. They have such a firm hold. I love the variety of u pins too. Thanks for entering.

Tara Gauthier

Saturday 4th of May 2019

I really like the color of the Valerie clip.


Tuesday 30th of April 2019

I really like the Brisa brown leather braided band

Donna Kozar

Monday 29th of April 2019

I would like the paw print flexiclip.

Stephanie LaPlante

Monday 29th of April 2019

My favorite item is the SCARLET #3097 hair clip.

Myra Limbaugh

Wednesday 1st of May 2019

The scarlet is elegant and such a rich red color. Glad you like it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.