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{ENDED} Win an Animal Communication Course!

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I know that many of you are familiar with Allecia Maine, founder of the Walk in Sync™ dog walking and training system–and guest writer of many great columns here on DogTipper.

Along with her expertise in dog walking and training, Allecia is also an animal communicator, working to deepen the bond between us and our dogs and other animals through communication on all levels.

She’s going to be hosting a seven-session online course–and one of our readers will win a pass to join the course–live so that you can ask your questions throughout the course.

The Journey of Commune-icating with our animals is a deep dive into accessing, learning and trusting the heart language of Unconditional Love we all share.

Here’s what Allecia says about the course:

This course will teach you how to consciously and consistently open your channel of Commune-ication™ so that you are able to hear directly from your animals:

  • The root of health and behavior issues
  • ​ The truth about emotional and physical issues
  • What your animals are aware of and requiring of you
  • Their purpose in your life
  • The messages they have come to share with you
  • Ways in which they are assisting you in your personal growth and transformation
  • A daily way of Commune-icating™ that deepens your bond with ease

Deepen your natural communication with your animals by tapping into the unconditional love language that reconnects you with your intuition so you will be able to discover, transform, and heal the root of your beloved furry family members issues.

Get a Free Breathing Lesson

Has the Covid 19 virus created chaos in your household?

Allecia has a free breathing lesson to help restore calm to your home in 10 minutes or less.  You can get her breathing lesson here!

Enter to Win

One winner will join Allecia, LIVE for seven 75-minute classes during the course. You can ask questions and get answers immediately, as well as learn from other’s experiences with their animals. This giveaway is open to animal lovers everywhere.

  • The WHERE:  Your computer where you will can participate live and / and you will receive a recording of every call
  • The WHEN:  Tuesday May 26, 27, 28 June 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Time:  5 PST, 6 MST, 7 CST, 8 EST. All classes are 1 hour and 15 min and are recorded

Good luck!

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