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Meet Lynette! Your purchases have sponsored her kennel!

Meet beautiful Lynette! As you know we’re sponsoring a dog kennel (and a cat kennel) at San Antonio’s Animal Defense League of Texas, one made possible by your purchase in our PawZaar gift store. Our sponsored dog kennel was being occupied by Ruby, a Hurricane Harvey survivor:

But Ruby has now found a forever home…hooray!!

The new occupant of the PawZaar kennel is Lynette, a two-year-old girl with energy to spare looking for a energetic pet parent to call her own:

Can I be your dog? Please? I really, really want to! I’m so excited! Can you tell? I’m hyper, but I’m a good girl. I love kids, and grownups, and food, and toys, and I know the sit command. What I don’t seem to love is other dogs, so it would be best for me to be the only dog, so you could spoil me rotten and I wouldn’t have any canine competition. We could have such fun together! Come soon, please!

Lynette is one of the 400+ animals that call the Animal Defense League home on any day. Please take a moment and share Lynette with your friends who might consider a trip to San Antonio to adopt!

Every PawZaar purchase helps sponsor shelter pets like Lynette. And don’t forget that you can always use coupon code SUBSCRIBER to save 15% on your PawZaar purchases!

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