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Got Buffalo? Trying #NutrishZeroGrain Beef with Bison

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The first time Tiki and Irie saw buffalo, they were pretty unsure of these giant animals. We were in Stonewall, Texas checking out the Lyndon Baines Johnson State Park and State Historic Site when we were writing our Texas with Dogs guidebook and came upon the park’s herd. Not only did Tiki not care for the buffalo in the field, she didn’t even care for this statue!

Well, the second time Tiki saw buffalo, she had a far different opinion:


Rachael Ray Nutrish recently sent Tiki and Irie a surprise box including the new Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Zero Grain™ Beef with Bison Recipe. As soon as the box was opened, Tiki knew there was something for her inside…


Soon she had the bag out for closer inspection:


Along with U.S. farm-raised bison, this new Zero Grain food also includes U.S. farm-raised beef, the number one ingredient, as well as veggies. Instead of grains, you’ll find potatoes and peas in this gluten-free recipe as well as cranberries, a natural source of potassium, fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

While Tiki loved all that, I loved that the food contains NO grains, glutens, by-product meal, or fillers as well as NO artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.


Tiki really gave her paw of approval to the fact Rachael Ray’s personal proceeds from sales of all Nutrish pet foods and treats go shelter pets via Rachael’s Rescue. So far, the charity that has donated $9 million to help homeless pets!

Download a Coupon

Download a $3 off Zero Grain pet food coupon on the Rachael Ray Nutrish site! Nutrish is sold in grocery stores and mass market retailers including Target, Walmart, and Amazon. The food is available in 3.5- and 11-pound bags.

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