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All Your Dog’s Medical Files in Your Pocket (Smartphone)!

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Today we have a special guest post–and a super special offer–brought to you by Activ4Pets!

Remember that time you were frantically searching for your dog’s up-to-date vaccination records?

“If only there was an easy way to keep track of pet health records,” you muttered under your breath, forgetting all about it until – Voila! – it happened all over again.

Luckily, those days are over, thanks to the new service from Activ4Pets. Activ4Pets gathers and digitizes all your veterinary records straight to your smart phone and computer, putting vaccinations, allergies, medications and much more right at your fingertips for easy sharing.

As our furry family members, it’s important to have a secure, reliable and affordable way to access pet health information. Sure, it’ll come in handy while boarding, grooming, or traveling – but imagine if there’s an emergency situation, could you remember all that medical information on the spot? With Activ4Pets there’s no guesswork or uncertainty. You just pick up your smartphone and pull the information you need and show it to the veterinarian or pet care provider.

Activ4Pets’ all-in-one health solution is easy to use and allows you to update records on the go, set treatment or refill reminders, share your favorite pet photos and proactively monitor your pet’s health. It’s everything a tech-savvy proactive pet parent could need!

Upon registering, with your permission Activ4Pets collects your pet’s entire veterinary history (medications, allergies, vaccinations, x-rays, test results and more), transfer the data to their secure, encrypted platform, and creates a comprehensive pet health profile. Members can use their smartphone, tablet or computer to access the information online all the time, wherever they are in the world!

And that’s not all. Activ4Pets also provides a suite of online health services which allow you to consult with your veterinarian via webcam!

Special Offer

DogTipper members are invited to start their Activ4Pets membership for the special price of $29 per year over at There’s a $20 discount of for a limited time and membership covers up to 4 pets!

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