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Measuring for a Dog Collar

Those of you who’ve been following DogTipper for a while know that last winter we went through a real collar craze around here when our dog Tiki learned to chew the collars off our other dog, Irie, in what could have qualified for world record-setting time. We were on a collar-buying roll for a while so we always knew just what size to buy. Once the chewing stopped, though, Irie’s growing continued and soon we were in a unique situation (for us!) of needing to buy a replacement collar of a different size.

But just how should you measure for your dog’s collar? Today’s tip comes from, a site that features quality dog products including collars for your four-legged friend:

Are you in the market for a new dog collar? When measuring your dog for a collar, be sure that you add two inches to his neck size and this will be the size to order. You shouldn’t order based on the actual size of your dog’s neck alone. This is especially important in order to avoid time-consuming exchanges and returns.


Friday 12th of March 2010

Hello Thanks for the tip! Today I'm going to buy collars for Simba & Benji!

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