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Locating Purebred Rescue Organizations

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Does watching dog shows like The National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day make you fall in love with a particular breed…and one that’s out of your reach financially? While the cost of some breeds may be beyond your budget these days, there’s no need to give up on your dreams thanks to the numerous breed-specific rescues.

We recently spoke with David Frei, dog expert and the co-host of The National Dog Show, about this topic. Frei suggested sites like the American Kennel Club which lists purebred rescue organizations. Frei explained:

Every parent club like the Afghan Hound Club of America, for example, every parent club has a rescue body along with the parent club so that if you’re interested in an Afghan Hound you can go to that parent club’s Web page…and find the rescue.

A lot of dogs end up in rescues for the silliest of reasons or for the most tragic of reasons. Sometimes, there’s a death in the family or a divorce or somebody’s moving or whatever, and there are silly reasons that they end up in rescues. So you can get a perfectly good dog out of rescue.

Adopting a rescue dog means a savings for your pocketbook–and saving a dog that’s without a home. That’s a dog situation that’s definitely best in show for everyone concerned!