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Shopping for Dog Supplies at Thrift Stores

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With all of us keeping an eye (make that both eyes) on the budget these days, we’re all looking for ways to save. In your hometown, you’ll find a great resource for shopping for dog supplies: your local thrift store.

Offering donated and usually (but not always) used merchandise, thrift stores feature all types of items with price tags at just a fraction of the original price. The inventory at these stores varies from day to day so it often pays to come shop a few times and to be open-minded and flexible (you might not find a giant blue pillow like you want to use as a dog bed…but you might find a nice red one).

Here’s a sampling of some of the types of items you can find for your dog at thrift stores:

  • stainless steel bowls for your dog’s water and food. The bowls you find will often be mixing bowls or salad bowls and stocked in the household goods part of the store.
  • large floor pillows for dog beds
  • used towels that you can use for everything from bedding to dog baths
  • comforters, bedspreads and quilts to use for dog bedding
  • children’s toys you can modify as dog toys (remove eyes and other parts dogs might pull off and swallow)
  • children’s toys you can unstuff and use as dog toys
  • heavy jeans you can transform into a chew-proof dog bed
  • children’s belts you can transform into dog collars
  • muffin tins you can use as bowls to make your dog eat more slowly