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Choosing a Dog to Fit Your Lifestyle

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Just before the National Dog Show, DogTipper had the chance to interview co-host David Frei about the show. Next month Frei will again be an expert dog show commentator, heard on the two-day broadcast of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show the evenings of Feb. 15 and 16.

In watching these national broadcasts, dog lovers see the dogs and often dream of adding one of the breeds to their family. But what should those show viewers keep in mind as they watch these dogs and select their own at-home Best in Show? We asked David Frei for his expert opinion:

I hope the thing that we bring is when people take a look at these dogs and they see them as adults and full coat and full size and attitude and the way they move and they hear what we have to say about them about what these dogs were originally bred to do.

And I think those are the things you have to keep in mind because every dog when they’re puppies, every dog is a cute little fuzz ball, you know, they’re all kind of fun when they’re puppies but if this little fuzz ball you have is going to grow up to be a six-pound Pomeranian that’s a lot different than a dog that’s going to grow up to be a 95-pound Akita, even though they might look a lot alike as little babies.

So I hope the things that we say and that we talk about can help provide an education to people as to what they might expect from these dogs as adults and that they use that as a starting point to get out and see more people and to see some breeders and talk about more specifics.

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