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5 Steps To Choosing A Pet Groomer

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dog-groomerToday we’ve got a special guest post on a topic that’s very important both for your dog’s safety and comfort (and good looks!) and for your peace of mind and your pocketbook. Choosing a pet groomer can feel like one daunting task!, creators of delicious and nutritious Dog Gift Baskets and Gourmet Gift Baskets (for the humans!) are here to break it down into five easy steps for us.

You don’t always get your preferred hairdresser right on the first try – it takes making hair appointments at different salons and working with different stylists to see exactly which one is deemed your hairdresser of choice. Same goes with your pooch – you can’t just hand him over to any ol’ name in the phone book! It’s important to consider these five tips when selecting a pet groomer that’s pooch-approved!

Step 1: Assess Their Expertise? How many years have they been in business? If they’ve set up shop for at least four years, they’ve likely earned themselves a great reputation and are pet grooming experts. The real deal will also be recognized by the National Dog Groomers Association and any other related dog grooming associations, so be sure to check up on them. In addition, the staff should know to be calm and confident, as a stressful environment can create a negative experience for your pet.

Step 2: Ask for Referrals.
A reputable pet groomer will have a list of referrals and testimonials at their fingertips. Be sure to also ask around town to see if anyone has utilized their services, and check around online for any reviews of their services. It’s your pooch, so make sure he or she is in good hands!

Step 3: Review The Facilities. The pet groomer doesn’t need to have the most advanced or posh of pet grooming facilities, but they should be clean and tidy. All cages should be properly sized to comfortably hold your pet, and the pets inside these cages should be resting or behaving in a positive manner.

Step 4: Bring Your Dog. You need to be comfortable with the pet groomer you choose for your pooch, but you also need to ensure your dog is happy and content with your choice, as well. Bring your dog along to the pet grooming facility, and see how the staff members interact with your dog, as well as how your dog acts at the facility. Sure, Fido may be a little apprehensive, but if you see the hair rising on his neck, it’s time to check out the next facility.

Step 5: Location and Price Matter. You want to provide your dog with as quality a pet groomer as possible, but let’s face it, you also want to make sure the pet groomer is located in your general radius, and won’t break your budget, either. It’s okay if you can’t choose a fancy pet spa, but do take the above steps into consideration, as you want to be sure you’re getting a pet groomer that will provide quality service for Fido.


Tuesday 14th of September 2010

lets be realistic. you sound good but I am a pro groomer with 12 yrs and the nonsense your puttin up to make urself sound good doesnt jive in the real world of pet groomin...dogs will be scared and who kmows maybe from a bad exp at ur shop.... so stop posting nonsense cause groomers get bit scratched have to deal with alot and for you as a groomer to knock another obviously have no respect for other groomers who which I am sure you know we all work hard and its like a hairstylist......there are some better than others but give grooomers respect cause they work hard and those of us who live in the real world who work hard and love dogs know the truth....I hate it when one groomer tries to knock or say something bad about another...u are no better than others and I know your not better than take your advise and revaluate it with real life scenarios and speak the truth witout knocking another groomer to make urself look better... Think about when u struggled and give the new ones a chance to gain experience, before you speak