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Microchipping Your Dog

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Are your dogs microchipped? Coming from shelters, both of ours came to us “pre-chipped” (a great benefit of adopting at many shelters).

Microchipping involves inserting a small radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder encased in a tiny BIO glass tag beneath the animal’s skin. (It looks large in the photo on the right but think grain of rice in terms of size.)

The microchipping procedure is safe and simple and only takes a few minutes. The vet will first scan your dog with a reader to make sure he isn’t already tagged, and then read the tag in the package to verify that it functions.

Next, the tiny tag is inserted with a syringe, not unlike giving an animal its shots.  The tag is read again to ensure it still works properly.

Finally, the vet completes the paperwork and enrolls your dog in the online database.

The microchip contains your dog’s unique pet identification number so if your dog should become lost, vets and public authorities such as animal control can read the glass tag with any scanner, and follow the link of the animal ID number to online pet databases to trace a lost or stolen animal and return it to its rightful owner. Official organizations can also use RFID in conjunction with the animal’s registration files, and add information to the database such as medical history, vaccination schedules, updated owner addresses and more.

“Keeping beloved pets safe is a top priority for pet owners, and microchipping offers a quick, safe and relatively painless solution to help protect animals from harm,” said Jean-Miguel Robadey, global director for HID Global’s Animal ID business. HID Global has been providing RFID solutions to safeguard pets for more than two decades and delivered more than one billion RFID tags worldwide.

Debby and Kirby

Tuesday 10th of May 2011

Kirby was micro-chipped last year. I have been afraid ever since due to reports of cancer caused by them. My vet has assured me its rare but I check for any unusual bump where it is located.


Sunday 8th of May 2011

Yes my dog is micro-chipped since a pup 9yrs ago but in the UK we have a fee of $35 dollars to re-register an address change that is quite expensive. Good that shelters are pre-micro-chipping dogs for adoption though.