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Preparing for Natural Disasters with Microchipping

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The numerous natural disaster that have grabbed the headlines recently–from tornadoes to floods to earthquakes–illustrate the sad fact that disaster can strike anywhere at any time. And with those disasters come lost pets.

Microchipping is so important for identifying lost pets during times of disaster when collars may be lost and families may be separated. It’s fairly inexpensive (and if you look for special events in your area, you can often find discounted microchipping opportunities.

June is National Microchipping Month, a time to remind everyone about this important tool to protect your dog’s safety and bring peace of mind to you. “Keeping beloved pets safe is a top priority for pet owners, and microchipping offers a quick, safe and relatively painless solution to help protect animals from harm,” said Jean-Miguel Robadey, global director for HID Global’s Animal ID business. HID Global has been providing RFID solutions to safeguard pets for more than two decades, partnering with animal tagging systems integrators around the world.

Recently we wrote about the importance of microchipping your dog but want to remind everyone that even if you don’t travel with your dog, take your dog to the dog park, or other activities, your dog is always at risk of being lost due to sudden natural disasters.

Photo courtesy HID Global

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