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Ensuring Your Dog’s Safety in a Disaster

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No one likes to think about natural disasters but there’s no denying that they can sneak up at any time. Last Labor Day, the worst wildfires in Texas history struck not that far from us; we could smell the smoke for weeks. Along with the destruction of over 1,600 homes and one of the prettiest parts of the state, one of the saddest parts of the disaster was its impact on pets. The fires struck on a Sunday afternoon when many families weren’t home…and weren’t allowed to go return to retrieve their pets. Some lucky pets were saved by neighbors as they themselves evacuated; others were rescued by animal welfare groups in the coming days. Sadly, many animals perished.

If someone had to evacuate your pets for you, would they know where to start? Would they know how many animals you have, their names, your veterinarian’s office?

With just a few minutes of preparation, you can gather all that information together thanks to a free form from

To download the form, just click here or on the image above to download a printable PDF where you can record information on each of your pets. Keep a copy for yourself, leave a copy with your neighbors, and put a copy away for safekeeping, such as in a safety deposit box. We’d also recommend adding your dog’s microchip number to this form so you’ll have that handy in case he is lost.

Hopefully, you’ll never need it but, in the event of a disaster, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you took the time to get your pets’ information gathered in one location.

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