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Fancy Feast Cat To Appear at Grammy Awards Celebrity Lounge

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The Celebrity Lounge set up for the stars attending the 52nd annual Grammy Awards® on January 31st will strike just the right note with chart-topping cat lovers, as Fancy Feast® will be the first cat food brand to appear in the gift lounge with swag
bags filled with:

  • Two luxury heart charms– one for the cat, the other for the feline’s famous human parent.
  • A stylish sparkle-studded suede cat collar made for a red carpet-ready kitty.
  • A FlipCam Mino, which can immortalize both award-winning moments on stage or the meow of a musician’s cat companion.
  • An array of Fancy Feast Appetizers

The paparazzi will positively purr with delight when the white Fancy Feast Persian poses for photos with a plethora of hep cats from all musical genres. The click of the photographers’ cameras will be music to the ears of The Record Academy’s charity, as Fancy Feast is donating $100 for each photo (up to $10,000) to MusiCares®.