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Yucky Puppy® dog walking bag + crossbody phone bag

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dog walking bag

Regardless of the length of your dog walk, there are certain must-haves you need including poop bags and your phone. And if you’re heading out to the dog park or a dog-friendly restaurant, shop or trail, then you’re going to add to that list: your wallet, keys, hand cleaner, a bottle of water, the list goes on. Where to put everything?

The answer: our YUCKY PUPPY dog walking bag.

Why I Designed a Dog Walking Bag

Dog walks are the highlight of my day. I take our dogs walking every morning and every evening.

For years, I’ve been looking for a solution to my problem of gathering up all the things I want to carry with me not only on those dog walks but on other outings with our dogs–day trips, patio dining at dog-friendly restaurants and shopping at dog-friendly stores.

I wanted a dog walking bag that held everything I needed but didn’t have poop bags trailing from it!

After surveying our community for their tips on what makes a perfect dog walking bag and talking to dog trainers and other pet professionals, we came up with the YUCKY PUPPY® dog walking bag.

dog walking bag on fall dog walk

Features of our dog walking bag

I love that our bag combines the convenience of a traditional dog walking bag with the functionality of a crossbody phone purse in one.

It’s the bag that goes anywhere: it’s rugged enough to take on a hike and nice enough to take to a coffee shop or patio restaurant with our dogs!

Thanks to a clear exterior pocket, my phone is always at hand and easy to see–so when it rings, I can glance down and screen my calls without missing a step.

A zipper keeps the phone safe even when I bend over to scoop the poop, tie my shoe or hand out treats.

treat bag - dog walking bag

Speaking of treats, the flip side of the bag has a dedicated treat pocket with a magnetic catch–so treating is a one-handed move!

poop bag dispenser on dog walking bag

Poop bags are in the main, zippered compartment in a separate zippered pouch with a poop bag dispenser located right at the top of the bag, so it’s super easy to grab a bag.

Since the dispenser is inside the bag, you never have to have bags trailing out your bag…so you won’t feel like that person walking out of the restroom with toilet paper stuck to your foot!

The entire main compartment features water-resistant turquoise lining so items are easy to spot.

Reflective trim on both sides of the bag helps make you visible on evening walks .

The soft cotton webbing strap is fully adjustable so you can wear the dog walking bag on one shoulder or as a crossbody bag. D-rings on each side of the bag are perfect for attaching carabiners.

Every bag helps sponsor the care of a shelter dog!

Order Your Dog Walking Bag

To shop for a YUCKY PUPPY bag of your own, visit our online YUCKY PUPPY store or shop using the button below–and use coupon code DOGTIPPER to save 15%!

Wholesale Orders

YUCKY PUPPY® dog walking bag is available wholesale through Faire.