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Brian Reynolds

Wednesday 4th of May 2022

Hi Dr Diane my name is Brian and I live in New Bedford Massachusetts I have a beautiful one and a half year old Chihuahua I got him online from someone in Arkansas he is my service dog with the papers and all I have one problem however he's the love of my life but the one thing is he will not put on a collar he would not want where one whole last summer and he will not wear one now becomes a different dog he becomes like a maniac he starts foaming at the mouth biting really hard turn his head around I have a friend of mine that lives next door to me hold him while I try to put him on very nicely and gently with a treat and he will not do it and I need to put a collar on him so I can walk him I cannot continue will allow him to go on puppy padI 'm at a loss that's Diane I love them with all of my heart I have no family my mom died my aunt died everyone died he's all I have but how am I going to put a call on him to please have any any suggestions that could help me he's very little he's only about two and a half pounds thank you so much and reading my request thank you Brian

Marilee Joyce

Friday 25th of February 2022

Dear Dog Tipper!

My name is PD and I am a fabulous little black pug who is so so Smart that I wrote a book(!) and a publisher loved it enough to publish it and everything! Anyway, it came out a couple months ago and just went on Amazon and other online retailers about two weeks ago.

My book is called “Get Me Out Of Here! Reflections Of PD The Put-Upon Pug.” It’s about a very spoiled little dog who believes he is anything but spoiled; he details his oh-so-Ruff (not!) life with Mommy and why he simply must “get out.” It is aimed at pug lovers, dog lovers, animal lovers In general and just anyone who loves to laugh.

I wondered if your human officials there review books? And if so, if they would consider letting Mommy send a digital version of the book for you to read?

Thanks so very much for any information you can provide.

Big licks, PD the Pug! (And Mommy Marilee Joyce) (202-253-2950)


Thursday 3rd of February 2022


Interesting article about anise treats for dogs.

What has your experience been when feeding your dogs these treats. I'm concerned my dog will eat it back so fast it wont have change to get the aroma/scent that causes dogs to act silly on it.

or am I incorrect assuming it is the scent that affects their mood/behavior? Or is it from digesting the aniseed? Or both?

Trying to understand how this stuff works. Thanks so much for your expertise in advance!


Davis Rogers

Tuesday 18th of January 2022

Hey guys...David Rogers here with MBJungle Foundation. Thanks again for have Pet Birth Defect Awareness on you calendar. I just went nonprofit after nine years of educating the public. My webpage is almost up to date. My spouse almost died in 2016 which would have left two dogs without their daddy so I created this.


FIREFIGHTERS 4 PAWS Helping to Keep Cats Purring and Dog Tails Wagging

Davis Rogers March 2016

Firefighters voluntarily commit to making every effort within their scope of training and ability to assist fellow residents in our most vulnerable time of need. A fire or medical emergency is a traumatic experience in itself. Not only are firefighters usually the first on the scene of a crisis, but they are also saving lives beyond the fire ground. Rochester New York Firefighter Gil Ferrer pictured on the left is true to the spirit of public health and safety, even off-duty. Gil is one of those hero’s you walk past in the street each day, a hero that drops everything and puts their lives on hold for total stranger day in and day out without a second thought. While people typically think of firefighters saving people from burning buildings, they also fight to save those in distress or during a medical emergency even when off duty, getting them home to family and often some very happy tail wagging dogs and purring cats.

FIREFIGHTERS4PAWS was created in 2016 by Davis Rogers after his spouse Paul was mowing the grass and suffered a cardiac arrest. Davis was performing CPR and off duty firefighter neighbor Gil Ferrer heard Davis’s cries for help, sprang into action, running next door reliving Davis and allowing Davis to call 911. While Paul spent several weeks in the hospital his two dogs were very happy when he returned home. Without on and off duty heroes like Gil and his quick action these two pets may have lost their pet parent.

This day is dedicated to Gil Ferrer and all firefighters who give everything by helping Paul and others like him to beat the odds when it seems as if all hope is.

Keep up the good work. You are doing awsome.


Davis Rogers