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Don’t wag that smelly poop–carry YUCKY PUPPY® poop bag carriers!

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Have you ever hesitated for a moment when waving at a neighbor on your dog walk–because you had a full bag of poop dangling from your leash?

Or realized that you still had a loooong way to go on your hike before you reached a trash can?

We sure have–and so we came up with our exclusive YUCKY PUPPY® poop bag holders– only your dog will know what’s inside!

This ultralight bag snaps on any leash, bag, pet stroller or belt. Each YUCKY PUPPY holds multiple filled poop bags (and our XL bags are designed for XL dogs or for tie-handle bags).

Waterproof PUL lining helps hold the odor in the bag.

When you reach a trash can, unzip the bag, flip it over and dump out the poop bag–you never need to touch it again.

When you get home, run the YUCKY PUPPY through your washer and dryer, and you’re ready for your next adventure.

Along with poop bags, the YUCKY PUPPY can also be used for anything yucky:

  • wet tennis balls
  • soggy dog collars
  • half-chewed bully sticks
  • drool rags
  • wet dog booties and more.

Each YUCKY PUPPY order, processed through our Yucky Puppy gift store, features TWO bags so you will always have one ready to go.

And, like each of our products, every bag helps sponsor the care of a shelter dog!

Order Your Set of YUCKY PUPPY Bags

Click the “VIEW” button below for more details on any of our YUCKY PUPPY styles. You’ll check out on our secure Yucky Puppy gift store; your order will ship from Austin, Texas straight to you. U.S. shipping on all orders $30 and over is free!

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Wholesale and Custom Orders

YUCKY PUPPY® is available wholesale through Faire.