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Whether you’d like more control over the ingredients in your dog’s treats, you’d like to make a special gift for your favorite dog lover, or you want to show your love to your dog with a batch of goodies, we’ve got you covered with easy homemade dog treat recipes!

Before You Begin Making Dog Treats

Look at these recipes as a framework; if you’d like to substitute your dog’s favorite flavors, go for it!

Before your put on that apron, though, please be sure to read Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat to make sure you know which foods are fine for you and your dog to share–and which can be dangerous for your dog.

Homemade dog treats can be as pretty–or as plain–as you like. Your dog won’t care! Most of our treats can be made with baking supplies you already have on hand.

In general, plan to keep treats in your refrigerator four or five days; to safely store treats, freeze any extra.

And just remember: treats should only make up 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake!

Homemade Dog Treats and Chews Recipes

Below you’ll find pages of dog treat recipes–or you can check them out by category:

Kong Stuffing Ideas: Doggie Chopped Liver!

We’ve talked many times about giving your dog a KONG® Dog Toy to help distract him during tense times (like fireworks!) or to help prevent separation anxiety. These hollow toys are made to fill with food and treats for your dog. We’ve got a fun recipe for a mixture that makes a great “plug” for …

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What’s the Best Flour for Dog Treats?

Deciding to make your own dog treats can have many benefits, allowing you to perfectly customize the flavor and texture to your dog’s preferences, saves money and controls exactly what goes into the treats. And while there are over 30 types of flour, which is the best flour for dog treats? Not all flours are …

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Tuna Fudge for Dogs {Your Dog Will Drool for This One!}

If you participate in agility or other dog sports, you’ve probably heard of “tuna fudge.” It’s a high-value homemade training treat for dogs that’s quick and easy to make. Its powerful scent is a strong motivator, which is one reason tuna fudge for dogs is favored by many trainers! It has a fudge-like weight and …

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