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Part of the joy of bringing in a new dog to your family — whether a puppy or an adult dog that is getting a fresh start — is selecting a name. While you’ll find many online directories that feature dog names arranged by names for male dogs and names for female dogs, we wanted to do something a little bit different, highlighting dog names for all types of interests, from travel to movies to foods!

1000+ Girl Dog Names for Your Fur Baby

Are you looking for a classic girl’s name to give a new puppy or an adult dog you’ve just adopted? We’ve been searching through the Social Security files for old-fashioned girl’s names starting in 1880–and we’ve got over 1000 options for your new good girl! Now that human names are more popular than ever for …

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900+ Boy Dog Names for Your Good Boy

Giving dogs human names has become more and more of a trend as dogs have moved into their position as family members. We’ve pulled together a list of over 900 boy dog names, arranged alphabetically. These classic names are pulled from Social Security data starting in 1880, old-fashioned dog names for your new good boy! …

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120+ Harry Potter Dog Names & Their Meanings

We love the Harry Potter films but until we began to compile this list of potential Harry Potter dog names, we didn’t realize just how many characters, places, creatures, and spells are included! If you’re in search of dog names, we’ve got some magical names from Harry Potter for your new puppy or adopted dog–including …

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180 Halloween Dog Names

Are you a new pet parent in search of a frightfully fun name for your four-legged friend? From classic Halloween-themed words to ghost, vampire and witchy dog names, we’ve scared up a monster list of bootiful Halloween dog names. Words Associated with Halloween Bat Boo Candy Fang Ghost Goblin Gremlin Goosebump Halloween Midnight Nightmare Pumpkin …

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