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Mean Girls Dog Names

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If you are a new pet parent to a pup who keeps trying to make “fetch” happen, why not be a “cool Mom” and give your dog a name inspired by the classic teen comedy Mean Girls!

NEW YORK CITY -5 MAY 2018- Night view of the August Wilson Theater showing Tina Fey's Mean Girls musical on Broadway in Manhattan. Mean Girls received 12 Tony Award nominations.

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Character Names

Aaron Samuels — Is your new fur baby a real heart-throb? Name him after Cady’s crush.

Cady Heron —  A name that means “pure” and “idyllic place,” Cady was the perfect name for the movie’s protagonist, who goes from life in the wilds of Africa to the jungle that is a typical American high school. 

Caroline Krafft — The math quiz competitor who was pitted against Cady in the State Championship.

Chastity Meyer —  A member of The Plastics in Mean Girls 2.

Damian —  You could name your new buddy after Janis Ian’s pal.

Glen Coco — You can cheer for your fur baby every time learns a trick or chases after a ball, stick or frisbee with that famous movie line, “You go, Glen Coco!”

Gretchen Wieners — Why not name your playful pup after the character who tried to make “fetch” happen?  

Hope Plotkin — A member of The Plastics in Mean Girls 2.

Janis Ian —  While there will be those who think that you’ve named your pup after the 70s singer/songwriter who crooned the ode to teenage angst “At Seventeen,” movie buffs will recognize the name of the school outcast who shows Cady the ropes at school.

Johanna (Jo) Mitchell — The main character of Mean Girls 2.

Karen Smith —  Although the name may currently have a negative connotation, Mean Girls fans will recognize the name as an homage to the peppy, and scatterbrained, member of the Plastics. Known as Karen Smith in the original movie, the character’s surname was changed to Karen Shetty in the 2024 movie musical.   

Kevin G — If your new canine companion is a bit of a nerd with an eye for the ladies, you could name him after North Shore’s Mathlete captain.  

Madame Park — Cady’s French teacher in the 2024 musical version of Mean Girls.

Mandi Weatherly — The leader of the Plastics in Mean Girls 2, Amanda’s (Mandi) name means “she who must be loved.”

Mr. Rapp — A teacher in the 2024 musical version of Mean Girls.

Mrs. June George —  You might want to name your new fur baby after Regina’s mother because you’re not a regular (dog) Mom…you’re a cool (dog) Mom!

Mrs. Sharon Norbury —  Portrayed by Tina Fey, the all too human math teacher showed us that we all need a Mrs. Norbury in our lives as she taught North Shore’s students a few important life lessons.

Principal Duvall —  The head of North Shore High School.

Quinn Shinn — An Anti-Plastic whose dream of being in the cool clique comes true in Mean Girls 2.

Regina George —  The Latin word for “queen,” Regina is the perfect name for the leader of the Plastics…and for the Queen Bee of all canines, your new four-pawed pal! 

Shane Oman —  Name the pup who rules over your home after the jock who was named King of the Spring Fling.  

Tim Pak — A member of the Mathletes who helps to lead the team to victory at the State Championship.

Words Associated with Mean Girls

Fetch —  Gretchen may not have been able to make “fetch” happen, but you could by naming your dog after the wannabe popular term.

Grool — Because your dog is a combo of “great” and “cool.”

Mathlete —  Is your new tail-wagging chum extremely intelligent?  You might want to name him or her after the calculus competition team at North Shore High School. 

Kalteen —  If your new bff (best furry friend) loves to eat, you could find inspiration for his or her name in the infamous protein bars that Cady gives to Regina.

Pink — Because that’s what you wear on Wednesdays.

Plastic — A name for the popular pup.

Toaster Strudel —  The Pillsbury breakfast food that made Gretchen Wieners’ family a fortune.

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