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80+ Trolls Names for Dogs

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Are you a fan of the vibrant and whimsical world of Trolls and looking for a unique name for your new furry friend? Look no further! Inspired by the colorful and lively characters, this list of Trolls names for dogs offers a perfect blend of fun, creativity, and personality. Whether your dog is as cheerful as Poppy, as cautious as Branch, or as sparkling as Guy Diamond, there’s a name here that will capture the essence of your pup’s spirit.

Did you know that Trolls, originally known as “Good Luck Trolls,” date back to 1959, when Danish woodcutter Thomas Dam carved the first Troll doll as a gift for his daughter? These dolls, characterized by their distinctively wild hair, wide eyes, and cherubic faces, quickly became a cultural phenomenon. I had one of the early Trolls myself!

Trolls characters Poppy and Harper Pinsel; image Shutterstock

Photo: ju_see/Shutterstock

Trolls Inspired Dog Names

  • Aspen Heitz: For a dog who loves the outdoors and is always ready for adventure.
  • Barnabas: A distinguished name for a wise, mature dog.
  • Bibble: A cute, quirky name for a small, curious dog.
  • Biggie: Suitable for larger breeds with a gentle nature.
  • Bliss Marina: Perfect for a serene, calm dog with a peaceful demeanor.
  • Branch: Perfect for a more reserved or cautious pup.
  • Broppy: For a playful dog who’s always up for fun.
  • Chaz: A cool name for a dog with a smooth, charming personality.
  • Cloud Guy: Ideal for a whimsical, light-hearted dog.
  • Cooper: A great choice for quirky, playful dogs.
  • Coral Blush: Perfect for a dog with a soft, gentle demeanor.
  • Creek: For a serene, thoughtful dog with deep eyes.
  • Delta Dawn: Suitable for a dog with a strong, commanding presence.
  • DJ Suki: For the dog that always seems to be full of energy.
  • Funk Troll: For a dog with a fun, outgoing personality.
  • Fuzzbert: A fun name for a fluffy, fuzzy dog.
  • Gina Glitterball: For a glamorous, attention-loving pup.
  • Glitterpuff: Ideal for a dog with a sparkly personality.
  • Groth: For a robust, strong-willed dog.
  • Guy Diamond: A fun name for a dog with a sparkling personality.
  • Hickory: Perfect for a sturdy, reliable companion.
  • Keith: A simple, yet strong name for a loyal dog.
  • King Peppy: A regal name, fitting for a dignified or older dog.
  • King Thrash: For a bold, spirited dog with a commanding bark.
  • King Trollex: A great name for an energetic, music-loving dog.
  • Lownote Jones: For a dog with a deep bark or howl.
  • Mandy Sparkledust: For a dog that brightens up every room.
  • Mr. Dinkles: Mr. Dinkles is Biggie’s pet worm, notable for his small size and cute appearance.
  • Moxie Dewdrop: Perfect for a small, vivacious dog.
  • Peppy: For a lively, spirited dog.
  • Poppy: Ideal for a cheerful, energetic dog.
  • Prince D: A noble name for the canine with a regal bearing.
  • Queen Barb: For a fierce, strong female dog.
  • Rainbow Troll: Ideal for a colorful, vibrant dog.
  • Riff: Great for a dog with a musical, rhythmic bark.
  • Satin and Chenille: Adorable for a pair of inseparable dog siblings.
  • Scrapbook Troll: For a dog that’s always collecting things.
  • Smidge: Perfect for a tiny dog with a big personality.
  • Sparkles: Ideal for a pup with a shiny coat or bright eyes.
  • Suki: For one with an unstoppable zest for life.
  • Tiny Diamond: A cute name for a small but mighty dog.
  • Tresillo: For a dog with a rhythmic, dancing gait.
  • Trollex: A fun name for a dog who loves to be the center of attention.
  • Trollzart: For a dog with a harmonious, melodious bark.
  • Val Thundershock: Perfect for a dog with a powerful, booming bark.
  • Wim: A simple, sweet name for a gentle dog.
  • Wimpy: For a timid, soft-hearted dog.
  • Woven: Ideal for a dog with a beautifully patterned coat.

Names with the Trolls Spirit

Trolls themed Southwest Airlines airraft
The Trolls phenomenon is so widespread that Southwest Airlines unveiled a special Trolls-themed aircraft! Image courtesy PR Newswire

These names encapsulate various elements of the Trolls universe, offering a creative and unique way to name your dog, reflecting the fun and joyful spirit of the movies and dolls.

  • Bergen Town: For a dog that has a strong presence, reminiscent of the town in “Trolls.”
  • Boogie: A fun name for a dog that loves to move and dance.
  • Bunker: Ideal for a dog that loves its own space, inspired by Branch’s bunker.
  • Celebration: Perfect for a dog that brings joy and festivity wherever it goes.
  • Cupcake: A sweet name for an adorable, loving dog.
  • Dance-Off: For a dog with boundless energy and a playful spirit.
  • Feltboard: Unique for a crafty, artistic dog, inspired by the Trolls’ storytelling medium.
  • Festival: For a dog that loves social gatherings and fun.
  • Glitter: A sparkling name for a dog with a shiny, bright personality.
  • Gonk: Did you know the Trolls dolls are known as Gonk dolls in the UK?
  • Groove: Ideal for a dog that has a smooth, rhythmic personality.
  • Harmony: For a peaceful, well-balanced dog.
  • Hug Time: Perfect for a dog that loves giving and receiving affection.
  • Jukebox: For a dog with a vibrant, musical spirit.
  • Lullaby: Suitable for a calm, soothing dog.
  • Melody: A harmonious name for the pooch with a melodious bark or howl.
  • Party: For an outgoing, sociable dog that loves being the center of attention.
  • Patchwork: A quirky name for a dog with a unique coat pattern.
  • Pop: For a dog with a lively, bubbly personality.
  • Sequin: Perfect for a glamorous, shiny-coated dog.
  • Snack Pack: A cute name for a food-loving pup.
  • Sparkle: For a dog with a bright, shining personality.
  • Sunshine: Ideal for a cheerful, radiant dog.
  • Symphony: For a dog with a harmonious, balanced nature.
  • Techno: A modern name for a high-energy, lively dog.
  • Trollstice: For a dog that brings significant change or joy into your life.
  • Velvet: A luxurious name for a dog with a soft, smooth coat.
  • Vibe: Perfect for a dog with a strong, noticeable personality.

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