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70+ Royal Dog Names and Their Meanings

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Crown your dog with one of the many royal dog names (including many used by the British family royal dogs.)

Are you a Fido-loving Anglophile in search of a name for your new four-legged prince or princess?  Here’s a list of royal dog names past and present, as well as the names of some of the royal family dogs who have helped to transform palaces and castles into cozy homes for the British royals!

royal dog names

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Albert — The name of Queen Victoria’s beloved husband means “noble.”

Alexandra — Like its male counterpart Alexander, this name stands for “protector of man.” Royals with this appellation include Queen Alexandra of Denmark, the wife of Britain’s King Edward VII; and Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, a dog lover who acts as royal patron of The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals.

Alfred — A perfect royal dog name for a sage Spot, Alfred means “wise counsel.”

Alice —  Meaning “nobility,” dogs dubbed Alice will share their name with Queen Victoria’s second daughter.

Andrew — The name of Queen Elizabeth II’s second son would be perfect for a stout-hearted Spot, as it means “brave or manly.

Anne — Meaning “grace,” canines called Anne share a name with Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter,  a pet parent to Bull Terriers who counts Animal Health Trust, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, International Sheep Dog Society, The Australian Veterinary Association and Working Clumber Spaniel Society among her many royal patronages.  Along with the Princess Royal, two of King Henry VIII’s wives– Anne Boleyn and Anne of Cleves– were also given the feminine name.

Archie — The arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bundle of joy helped the name Archie, which means “bold” or “brave,”  hop to the top spot for boys’ baby names in 2019!  New pet parents may want to help boost the moniker’s popularity for pup names as well.


Beatrice — “She who brings happiness”– what name could better describe the delight that your dog adds to your life?  Chosen for their elder daughter by Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York, the name pays homage to Queen Victoria’s youngest child.

Bee — One of the more than 30 Corgis who have buzzed around the royal households over the years, Queen Elizabeth II’s dog Bee was her Corgi Honey’s pup.

Berry — Pet parents might want to pick Berry as the name of their four-legged family member, just like Queen Elizabeth II, who chose the fruit-influenced moniker for one of her Dorgis.

Bertie — A shortened version of Albert, Bertie was a name frequently used for Queen Elizabeth II’s father King George VI, whose given name was Albert Frederick Arthur George.

Bisto — Along with Corgis and Dorgis, Queen Elizabeth has also been a pet parent to several Cocker Spaniels, among them Bisto.  The royal dog name may have a connection to a popular British brand of gravy mix.


Caesar — King Edward VII’s Wire Fox Terrier, who faithfully walked behind his prominent pet parent’s casket at his funeral. A chiseled image of Caesar is curled at the feet of a sculpture of the king on the late monarch’s tomb.

Cabbage — This sweet sobriquet is Prince Philip’s nickname for Queen Elizabeth II.

Camilla —  A proud pet parent to two rescue Jack Russell Terriers from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (the longest-running animal welfare organization in the United Kingdom),  in 2017 The Duchess of Cornwall took on the title of royal patron of the charity that saved her fur babies, Beth and Bluebell. The regal fan of Fidos and felines also acts as patron of Animal Care Trust, the Royal Veterinary College’s registered charity, and Medical Detection Dogs, which trains dogs for the vital work of identifying volatile substances associated with cancer cells in screening samples, as well as detecting odor changes which accompany certain medical crises.

Candy — Dogs given this confection-influenced moniker will answer to the same name as one of Queen Elizabeth II’s dorgis.

Catherine — The Duchess of Cambridge’s name, and its diminutive Kate, means “pure” or “clear.”

Charles — The moniker of the future monarch means “free man.”

Charlotte — The name of Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge’s daughter is the feminine form of the name Charles.

Crackers — The name given to one of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother’s Corgis.


Dandie — a Skye Terrier that brightened the days for Queen Victoria.

Dash — A loyal friend to Queen Victoria during her adolescence and the early years of her reign, Dash was the first in a long line of  the late monarch’s pals with paws and remains a favorite British dog name.  (Did you know that the R in the RSPCA– the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals– was granted by Queen Victoria in 1840?

Diana — The name of the late Queen of People’s Hearts means “heavenly” or “divine.”


Edward — A name for a regal Rover, Edward– which means “fortunate guardian”– has been the moniker for a total of 11 of England’s monarchs, as well as Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest son, The Earl of Wessex.

Elizabeth — A Queen who is doggedly devoted to canines, during her reign Elizabeth II has been a royal patron for Animal Health Trust, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Dogs Trust and the RSPCA. The name, which means “my God is an oath,” was also the moniker for the final monarch from the House of Tudor, Elizabeth I.

Eos — A greyhound who accompanied a Prince Albert from his home in Germany to his new life in England answered to the name of the Greek goddess of the dawn.

Eugenie—  The name of The Duchess of York’s youngest daughter means “well-born.”


Fergie — A shortened version of Sarah Ferguson’s (The Duchess of York) maiden name.

Flower— Doria Ragland’s pet name for her daughter Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex would be a sweet name for a pet!


George — Since the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s little prince in 2013, George has consistently been one of the top 10 baby names in the United Kingdom.

Guy —  The Duchess of Sussex’s canine companion has been immortalized in the pages of the children’s books His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle: The Rebarkable True Story of Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog (on Amazon) and  The Duchess and Guy: A Rescue-To-Royalty Puppy Love Story (on Amazon).

His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle
The Duchess and Guy about Meghan Markle's dog


Harry — The Duke of Sussex’s name means “home or house protector.

Hector — Queen Victoria’s Deerhound.

Henry — Meaning “estate ruler,” Henry was the name of the Tudor ruler King Henry VIII and is the given name of Prince Harry.

Holly — One of Queen Elizabeth II’s many  Corgis, Holly was one of three Spots to star alongside the sovereign in the London Olympic summer games James Bond sketch.

Honey — A Corgi companion of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.


Islay — A Skye Terrier who was a loyal companion to Queen Victoria, Isley was immortalized with a  special statue in Sydney, Australia.  Posed in a begging position, the sculpture actually speaks to sightseers, thanking anyone who drops a coin for charity into the fountain he guards.


Jane — A Corgi who, along with Crackers, was a  comfort and joy to young princesses Elizabeth and Margaret during World War II.


Kate —  A name commonly used in the press for Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate means “pure.”


Lilibet — Queen Elizabeth’s cute nickname.

Linnet — Named after a member of the finch family, Linnet was one of Queen Elizabeth II’s coterie of Corgis.

Lottie — Often used as a diminutive of the name Charlotte, Lottie is one of the nicknames of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s daughter.

Louis — Meaning “famous warrior,” the name Louis would be an apt choice for a dog who has battled against life’s hardships and won, or for any pup who has conquered your heart. Presently popular as the moniker selected by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their third child, Louis shares his name with both his father, whose full name is Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, and his elder brother, Prince George Alexander Louis.

Louise — The female equivalent of Louis, dogs given the name Louise will share it with Lady Louise Windsor, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest son Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Lupo — The Italian word for “wolf” was chosen by Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge for the black English Cocker Spaniel who was welcomed into their heart and home in 2012.  Lupo has been immortalized in the pages of a series of children’s books Lupo and the Curse at Buckingham PalaceLupo and the Secret of Windsor Castle, Lupo and the Labyrinth of the Lost Palace, and Lupo and the Thief at The Tower of London, penned by author Aby King.


Marco — A Pomeranian named by Queen Victoria in honor of the explorer Marco Polo

Margaret— Princess Margaret, the late sister of Queen Elizabeth II, was a pet parent to a Dachshund named Pipkin, who helped to create the Dorgi (a cross between a Dachshund and a Corgi.

Meghan — A proud pet parent to rescue dog Guy, the Duchess of Sussex is the royal patron of the animal welfare charity The Mayhew Animal Home.

Monty — One of the Corgis who stepped into the limelight with Queen Elizabeth II in a skit that opened the London-based Olympic summer games.


Noble — A dignified name was given to Queen Victoria’s Collie, whose memory lives on thanks to the queen’s daughter Princess Louise.  A talented artist and sculptor, Louise  chiseled a statue of  of the dog that still stands at Osbourne House.


Philip –Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, whose name means “friend of horses,” has been a pet parent to the Queen’s coterie of Corgis, among them Pickles, Berry, Brandy, Cider and Tinker.

Pippa — A diminutive form of the name Philippa, the name of Kate Middleton’s sister means “lover of horses.

Pooh — As in “Winnie the…,” the Jack Russell Terrier with the A.A. Milne-inspired moniker was one of Prince Charles’ canine companions.


Roo — Named after the jolly joey from A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh children’s books, Roo was one of Prince Charles’ much-loved Jack Russell Terriers.

Rose — Admirers of the British royal family and our buddies who bark may want to pick the floral-influenced middle name of Princess Margaret as the moniker for their new pal with paws.


Sarah — Meaning “princess” or “noblewoman”, Sarah is the name of both The Duchess of York and Sarah Chatto, the daughter of Princess Margaret.

Sharp — Queen Victoria’s Collie.

Sherry — A childhood Corgi companion of Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

Susan — A faithful companion of Queen Elizabeth II, the Pembroke Corgi accompanied the monarch on her honeymoon!


Tigga — Prince Charles’ Jack Russell Terrier, Tigga gained fame among Anglophiles for posing alongside his prominent pet parent in many royal Christmas and birthday cards.

Turi — A Pomeranian who was  faithful to the last, staying by Queen Victoria’s side on the day she passed away.


Victoria — A valiant name for any dog, and an especially meaningful moniker for a canine who has overcome struggles, Victoria– which means “victory”– was the name of England’s long-reigning monarch.
Vulcan — A cute combination of Corgi and Dachshund, Vulcan struck a pose with his famous pet parent for a Vanity Fair cover snapped by famed photographer Annie Liebowitz.


Whiskey — A canine companion of a young Prince  Charles and Princess Anne.

Whisper — The last of Queen Elizabeth II’s long line of Corgi canine companions.  The monarch had adopted the senior dog when the Corgi’s original pet parent, a gamekeeper at Sandringham, passed away.

Widgeon — Answering to a name associated with freshwater ducks, the black Labrador Retriever was a young Prince William’s pal with paws.

William — Meaning “resolute protector,” William — or the Duke of Cambridge’s nickname, Wills — would be apt royal dog names for a brave barking buddy.

Willow — The last in a long line of Queen Elizabeth II’s Corgi companions descended from her beloved dog Susan, Willow gained fame as one of the dog stars of the 2012 Olympics when she and her siblings Holly and Monty appeared alongside the monarch and actor Daniel Craig in a 007-inspired sketch shown during the opening ceremony of the games.

Wombat — How did a cuddly Australian marsupial make its way on to the list of royal-related fur baby names?  The sweet sobriquet was given to Prince William as a toddler by his mother Diana, The Princess of Wales during the family’s royal tour of The Land Down Under.


Zara — Although she holds no official title, the name of Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Phillips Tindall means ‘princess’  in Russian.

royal dog names