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National Dog Day – August 26

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As pet parents, we know that every day offers us an opportunity to show our furry family members that our fondness for them is far from mere puppy love…it’s dogged devotion! However, National Dog Day in particular has been set aside to give all dogs the recognition they so deserve.

Every year, National Dog Day is observed on August 26. The special day focuses on the many homeless dogs out there waiting for homes and families of their own as well as the numerous working dogs–from law enforcement dogs to service dogs–that help so many.

national dog day

What will you be doing to celebrate National Dog Day? Whether you just make your walk a little longer, give you dog a few extra hugs, or go all out with some fun activities, National Dog Day is certainly a good time to think about how you can help dogs everywhere.

The History of National Dog Day

Established in 2004 by pet and family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige– the creator behind numerous dog-themed holidays including  National Puppy Day and National Dog Day (August 26th).

This is a time not only to give your own pal with paws extra praise, but also to thank the Fidos in the work force who strive to enrich people’s lives as service dogs, KP cops and working military dogs.

Along with thanking our tail-wagging chums, the day is also dedicated to showcasing the option of pet adoption and all of our barking buddies in shelters who would love to celebrate the next National Dog Day in a forever home.

Fun Ideas for National Dog Day

From taking your canine companion out for a day of play or capturing their cuteness for posterity with help from a professional photographer or artist, to marking the day by donating items (or the precious gift of your time) to a local shelter or welcoming an adorable adoptable into your heart and home.

Bake your dog some homemade dog treats!

Whip up a batch of our easy dog treats –we’ve got a whole section of ideas whether you’re looking for frozen doggie ice cream or liver training treats

Go for a Walk!

Go for an extra-long dog walk–with no plan but just to get out and enjoy some time with your dog! Carry some treats and make it a fun time for your both.

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Take a Dog-Friendly Day Trip

celebrate national dog day with a day trip

12 Tips to Help Celebrate National Dog Day with a Dog-Friendly Day Trip! Every day is a great day for jumping in the car with your dog for a fun outing…and create memories you’ll treasure forever!

Get in Some More Summer Fun!

summer activities to celebrate dog day

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Adopting a Dog

If you’re considering adding a dog to your family in the near future, be sure to check out your area shelters and rescues. You might be surprised by the wide variety of dogs (including many purebred dogs) that you’ll find…all waiting to give you love every day of their lives. The unconditional love you’ll receive can turn EVERY day into National Dog Day!

What are you doing for National Dog Day? Please leave us a note below!