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40 Fun Summer Activities for Dogs!

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Are you ready to make this the best summer ever? The summer of fun photos, lifelong memories, exciting adventures, and silly laughs? Check out our list of 40 summer activities for dogs to enjoy at home and beyond!

40 Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog This Summer!

Summer Dog Activities At Home

Make a homemade frozen treat–for you and your dog.

Enjoy a nap together beneath a tree.

Take a photo every day this summer.

Build a sandbox and hide dog treats and chews in the sand.

Take a selfie together at sunrise.

Use a bubble maker to create catnip-scented bubbles for your dog to chase in the yard.

Do some stargazing together. Dogs love it when we lie on the ground, whether it’s on the living room floor or in the front yard. Spread out a blanket and do some star gazing with your Spot—and keep an eye out for the Dog Star, Sirius!

Create matching bandanas for you both.

Read aloud to your dog.

Play in a sprinkler together.

Teach your dog a new trick.

Buy a new collar in tropical colors.

Make a braided dog toy out of your old t-shirt.

Play hide and seek.

Draw a picture of your dog.

Take a nose print!

Camp in your backyard together.

Walk a new route.

Arrange a dog party.

Hire a pro to photograph you and your dog together.

Learn some TTouch to give your dog a massage.

Take your dog’s paw print.

Make a photo journal of your summer fun.

Activities Close to Home

Visit a dog-friendly store. Too hot to even consider a day trip? Take your dog to a local dog-friendly store for some air-conditioned shopping fun and socialization. Along with pet supply stores, some other stores are dog-friendly; call to ask before you go.

Enjoy a hike you’ve always meant to take.

Pack a picnic for you and your dog. (Our Watermelon YUCKY PUPPY poop bag holders do double duty on picnics–a clean one serves to hold wet cloths.) Nothing may be more symbolic of summer fun than a family picnic and that includes those with your dog. Pack plenty of water for your dog to the picnic supplies!

Find a drive-in movie theater. Does your community have a drive-in movie theater? These bastions of yesteryear make a great way to celebrate summer with canines. Check sites like to see if there are any theaters near you.

Take your dog to the lake.

Dine together at a dog-friendly patio restaurant. Rules vary by city but check with your favorite restaurants for their pet policies. Many cities with outdoor dining permit leashed dogs to accompany their owners. Bring a small bowl for water, a long-lasting chews, and you and your dog can enjoy a fun excursion.

Dog paddle side by side.

Go through a drive-through with your dog. From the fast food drive-through to the bank and pharmacy windows, take your dog along for the ride. You never have to leave the comfort of your air-conditioned car (you never, ever want to leave a dog in a car during warm weather) but your dog enjoys an easy getaway.

Go for a swim. Although pools generally don’t open to dogs (the exception is the final day of the season when many host a dog day), head to your local river, lake, or beach for a day of summer memories. Most beaches with lifeguards don’t accept dogs but unimproved swimming areas are often open to four-legged swimmers. Nothing close by? Purchase a kiddie pool for some splashing fun in your own yard!

Sign up for a training class.

Try a dog sport you’ve never tried before like agility or Treibball.

Fun Dog Activities on the Road

Consider a Dog-Friendly Vacation. A growing number of destinations don’t just accept pets but welcome them. A trip with your dog may take a little extra pre-trip planning in terms of finding stops along the way and pet-friendly hotels, but the rewards can be worth it. Some dog-friendly hotel chains like Red Roof, Kimpton and Motel 6 don’t charge pet fees but, even if your hotel does, weigh that fee against the cost of pet boarding or a pet sitter.

Take your dog to a “pick your own” orchard.

Find out if any baseball teams in your area have a dog day!

Enjoy a weenie roast at a campfire.

Visit a farmers’ market together.

Go wading.

Go geocaching together.

Plan a dog day trip with a friend who has a dog. Even if your budget is on a short leash, a day trip is a great way to enjoy a mini-vacation with your dog without spending more than some gas money. Pack a picnic, be sure to secure your dog in the car with a dog seat belt or booster seat, and hit the road together! Enjoy local city parks in your own backyard or take a stroll in an area where you usually don’t dog walk.

Be sure to take some time this summer to slow down and enjoy all the fun that the season has to offer. There’s no better reminder of how to do this than our four-legged family members!

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40 activities to enjoy with your dog this summer!
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