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Adopting a Retired Military Dog

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On July 25 we attended a special War Dogs program in Fredericksburg, Texas, an event that featured a demonstration by military dogs from San Antonio’s Lackland Air Force Base. The bases’s Department of Defense Military Working Dogs School trains all the dogs used by the DOD as well as agencies like TSA.

Not all of the dogs make the grade as Military Working Dogs–and, for those that do, eventually it’s time to reward all that good service with retirement. When it’s time to remove dogs from the program for either reason, they’re first offered to local law enforcement then to prior handlers–and then to the public for adoption.

There’s no charge for adopting one of these former service dogs. You will, however, be responsible for transportation of the dog from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio (or where the dog is assigned) to your home. All dogs are neutered or spayed before adoption.

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