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Bartering for Dog-Related Services

Do you need a dog trainer? A groomer? A dog sitter? You might be able to barter your own skills to “pay” for dog-related services. First, decide what skills you have to barter with—whether it’s dog-related skills (walking, grooming, pet sitting) or non-related (tax preparation, housecleaning, baking). While direct bartering is an easy way to …

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Applying for Help from Pet-Related Nonprofits

In these difficult financial times, pet parents needing assistance often have to try multiple routes. Yesterday we looked at different options for financing veterinary bills; today we wanted to share some nonprofit organizations that offer financial assistance to pet owners. Like all animal welfare agencies these days, many of these funds are strained–so if you’re …

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Financing Your Dog’s Surgery

Your dog’s surgery bills can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, figures that cause many dog lovers to look at finance options. Here’s a look at several different options for paying those veterinary bills: Ask about vet payment plans. If you are hit with unexpected vet bills, it doesn’t hurt to ask about …

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