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Making a Treat Dispenser

Today’s tip isn’t just super simple…it’s super cheap. Do you have an old football (or other firm but inflatable ball) around the house? We had a miniature football…not the hard plastic kind but one of the inflatable ones. We’d purchased it for the dogs at a thrift store…and they showed zero interest in it. So …

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How to Make A Dry Dog Shampoo

Winter dog baths are difficult, especially for larger dogs that won’t fit into the sink. Your choices are usually 1) a back-breaking (and sometimes dog-wrestling) session in the bathtub followed by often unpopular hair drying or 2) a trip to the dog groomer. But there’s another alternative: dry dog shampoo. Whether you use this dry …

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Helping Your Dog Park Save Money

In today’s tough economic times, everyone’s watching their budget…and that includes dog parks. This weekend we attended the Picnic with Your Pooch event in Georgetown, Texas; at the fundraiser for the city’s Bark Park, parks board member Mike Simpson spoke about ways dog lovers can help reduce costs for dog parks. Although his tips were …

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