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Financing Your Dog’s Surgery

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Your dog’s surgery bills can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, figures that cause many dog lovers to look at finance options. Here’s a look at several different options for paying those veterinary bills:

Ask about vet payment plans.

If you are hit with unexpected vet bills, it doesn’t hurt to ask about payment plans. Many offer affordable plans so you can split the cost of treatment over a period of months.

Ask for a written estimate.

You can  ask for a written estimate for your dog’s surgical costs and talk with other area vets to compare prices.

Visit a teaching hospital.

This isn’t an option for everyone but, depending on your location, you may have a veterinary teaching hospital in the region that can help with major health problems and treatments at a lower cost than through a veterinary clinic.

Check the American Veterinary Medical Association to see if there are veterinary colleges in your area.

Look into CareCredit.

CareCredit ( is a credit card specifically for health care costs including veterinary care. This card has low monthly payment option and it offers a no interest payment plan if you pay in full within 6, 12, 18 or 24 months on purchases with your CareCredit card.

There are no up-front charges to pay your vet before treatment can commence; the treatments are charged to your credit card. The length of time you have to pay off your balance depends on which promotional payment plan you choose when you use the card.

Look into regional assistance programs.

The Humane Society of the United States has an extensive list of assistance programs in the US and Canada available to residents of the area. Check (search for “trouble affording pet”) for a list of programs that offer a variety of services including pet food, spaying and neutering services, vaccination assistance, veterinary care, temporary foster care, and more for dog lovers in financial stress.

Check out crowdfunding sources.

Sites like GoFundMe, GiveForward, PetChance, and PlumFund can help raise money through your friends and family. You’ll create a page about your pet’s veterinary needs and expected costs, and then ask friends to donate and to share on their own social networks.

Also see: Applying for financial assistance from pet-related nonprofits

Alice Carroll

Friday 20th of November 2020

Thanks for the tip that regional assistance programs can be a huge help when it comes to financing animal care hospital services. My dog has been eating less lately and I want to get him checked before he stops eating altogether. If he would ever need to get a surgery, I will have to prepare my finances.

Karen Wright

Saturday 27th of June 2020

My dog was hit by a car on 6/27/2020 He needs surgery to get his leg amputated. He is at the Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital needs surgery right away he has lacerations to his leg. To do the surgery the Veterinary needs $300 I have $150. Thank you

Yvonia Gordon

Friday 26th of June 2020

We just got our pup her name is Jade she needs surgery on her eye and the cost is 2000 dollars if she doesn't get the surgery she can go blind Jade is eight months old and we had her for two months my girls and 9 andv6 years old and is very attached to her. Please if you can help in any way we appreciate it. Thank you .

Inarine Hayes

Wednesday 9th of October 2019

Can someone help us. My dog needs surgery on his leg he got attacked by a pitbull we have already spent $700 and still can't help him we are at our end somebody help please.

Prima Donna (Lilly's Mom)

Thursday 27th of January 2011

Great tips, thanks for posting this article.