About Paris Permenter & John Bigley: Pet Writers

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Welcome to DogTipper.com! I’m Paris Permenter; I’m the publisher of DogTipper along with my husband, John Bigley. We live in the Texas Hill Country near Austin and love sharing our tips for dog-loving travelers.

About Us

We share our homes and our hearts with two mixed breed rescue girls: Irie and Tiki. We adopted both girls in 2008, and they inspired us to launch DogTipper that same year.

John and I came to the pet writing world after 20 years as travel guidebook authors. We’ve written over 30 travel guidebooks, and covered destinations ranging from Jamaica to Jordan, the Bahamas to Borneo. We changed our focus to Fidos in 2008, and today we help travelers interested in traveling with their dogs, without their dogs, and helping homeless pets wherever they may travel.

About DogTipper


We’ve got over 10,000 posts here aimed at dog-loving travelers. You’ll find:

  • tips for traveling with your dog, whether that’s a day trip or a dream getaway. We’ll help you plan and pack, with handy printable checklists to keep you organized and on track.
  • tips for traveling without your dog, helping you learn how to find a reliable pet sitter or boarding facility and to prepare your dog (and yourself!) for your time away.
  • tips for helping homeless pets where you travel. Learn how you can help the homeless pet population, regardless of where in the world you travel.

We hope you’ll subscribe to our updates; we conduct frequent giveaways and Twitter parties featuring new pet products (in the last year, our readers have won over $25,000 in pet prizes!)

Most importantly, we have a lot of fun here. DogTipper is a positive place, a spot where we want you to feel free to ask any kind of dog question. We celebrate pet travel and dog rescue with upbeat, happy news, and love sharing the joy that our dogs bring to our lives each and every day!

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