How Irie Got Her Name

We’ve had several people ask us how Irie got her name and what it means. Irie is a Rastafarian word that means everything’s good, all’s well, no worries. (Irie is actually an acronym for “I Respect I Eternally” but we’ve never heard the full phrase in use in Jamaica.)

And why is Irie named Irie? Just before we adopted her, we finished writing Fodor’s In Focus Jamaica, a guide to the island. Jamaica must have still been on our minds when we picked up this six-month-old girl who was a shy, cautious dog who had been picked up as a stray with mange. We assured her that, from then on out, everything would be irie!

How to Pronounce Irie

Irie is pronounced “eye-ree.” We were thinking of recording a video of how to pronounce Irie’s name but, with our Texas accents, decided that it would be better to share an explanation by a Jamaican! Here’s a video from IrieGal about how to pronounce Irie:

Enjoy today’s BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop!

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