154*365: Choosing a Special Event Backdrop

We enjoy taking photos at special dog festivals and events. Photography at these events can be a little challenging, though, due to the many people and the many dogs.

A couple of years ago, we shot these photos at the Mighty Texas Dog Walk in Austin; I like these photos because they illustrate the importance of positioning yourself in one place and waiting for the photo to present itself in front of you.

In the top photo, we waited, across the bridge, for the dogs and their people to walk by. We selected that spot because the green backdrop of the trees would simplify the photo and put the emphasis on the dogs and people.

Below, you’ll see a photo of the walkers parading past Austin City Hall. Again, we positioned ourselves across the street (the streets were closed to all but foot–and paw–traffic) and waited for the people and pets to walk in front of the building. Then name of the building helped give the photos a sense of place.

Here’s another example of that sense of place; this time, we stood just beyond the finish line for the Mighty Texas Dog Walk with the signage (and, in the distance, the Texas State Capitol building) behind a participant and her dog…

The next time you photograph a dog event, take a moment to check out the setting and decide what you’d like your backdrop to be, whether it’s something to add to the photo through signage or to simplify the photo through an uncluttered background!

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