178*365: Tillman at BlogPaws

Today I’d planned to shoot some photos of local dog parks and dog-friendly locations for a freelance article as well as some photos for DogTipper.

But the mercury hit 109 degrees.

So I stayed in the AC and worked on our BlogPaws photos! Today I just wanted to share some fun photos of Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog.

Tillman travels like a rock star in his own bus…

…and spent some time indoors meeting his fans…

…but it was easy to see that Tillman’s real love was his skateboard! He gave us a demonstration in the parking lot…and all I can say is Tillman is FAST. It’s unbelievable how much Tillman loves his skateboard. We shot some video (hopefully we’ll get that posted this week) and I hope we were able to capture at least a little of the joy that surrounds this boy when he’s on his skateboard!

Today photo tip: when you’re shooting an action shot like this, be sure your subject has room to “move” into the photo. You wouldn’t want this same photo with the empty space behind Tillman but, by leaving empty space ahead of Tillman, it gives you the idea of motion.

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  • Anonymous

    I love Tillman and Natural Balance!  These are some great pics.  I would love to meet Tillman someday!  My dogs go nuts for his treats.