365: Dog Friends

Living in the country, Irie and Tiki don’t have that many doggie friends in the neighborhood. One friend they do have lives about half a mile from us; whenever we start that direction on our walks, I can tell that they’re hoping they’ll see their little buddy: Daisy.

When we approach the drive to Daisy’s house, Tiki always stops…and waits. No Daisy? No problem, we’ll just stand here and wait, Tiki seems to think. When Daisy’s not to be seen, both Tiki and Irie sniff around the entrance to their drive and, sooner or later, sprinkle Daisy a “note” to let her know that they came calling.

As always, the lead up to seeing Daisy takes longer than actually visiting with Daisy. A few customary sniffs, and Irie and Tiki were ready to be on their way.

Today I was definitely ready to get on our way as well; the temperatures the past couple of days have been below average (after a very warm winter, so far). Although the slight chance of snow we had earlier in the week didn’t materialize, the cold front (always called a “blue northern” here) definitely brought winter chill to this part of Texas:

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