365: Today Has Been a Blur!

Like so many well-laid plans, today’s scheduled activities did not go as per my “to do” list. Instead we had a sudden, unexpected trip to South Texas to help John’s elderly cousins (one just entered a nursing home). It was a drive on the coldest day we’ve seen this year, two hours on the road each way under a gray sky that was spitting drizzle mixed with sleet most of the way.

We came home this evening, built a big fire in the woodstove, and settled down to an evening with Irie and Tiki…only to hear the faint sound of running water. Ahh, how pleasant, like a little fountain…but it was at the opposite end of the house from our pet fountain. We followed the sound…and it seemed to be coming from beneath the house…

In today’s cold weather, it looks like one of the pipes beneath the house burst.

So please pardon the shortage of posts today! I do have a rundown of all our current giveaways, and be sure to check the Tagg giveaway. Each week we’re adding one additional way to enter and I’ve just added comments on Week 2 of the series as a way to earn five extra entries!

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