365: Wrapping Up The Healthy Hound Cookbook!


We’ve had a busy, busy few weeks around here! Our manuscript for The Healthy Hound Cookbook was due to our publisher on December 1 and, just a week later, we had the edited manuscript back with author queries. We completed that job and, a couple of weeks later, we had the copyeditor’s version. (I am always in awe of good copyeditors. They read the manuscript and, in the case of a cookbook, find that you mention an ingredient in the ingredient’s list but not in the directions or visa versa. They also note that you explain something one way in one portion of the book but another way 100 pages later. I’m always amazed by the little things they’re able to spot. It’s quite a skill.)

The book then went on to a proofreader, and, at the same time, the publisher had a veterinarian go over the recipes and write an introduction to the book. The book has been typeset, and we received the blueline proofs for one final, final once-over. It’s always super exciting to see the book at this stage when it really looks like a BOOK!

In the old days, we used to receive blueline galleys as large sheets of paper with two pages per sheet but today the blueline galleys arrive as a PDF. Here’s a sample of the layout:


We just love it! We can’t wait to see the finished product in just a few months!

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  • SGilbert

    I can’t wait for The Healthy Hound Cookbook to come out. I have a friend that just got a new puppy. In her gift bag I cut out the cover of The Healthy Hound Cookbook that I will buy for her and myself. I purchased the book Barkonomics tips for a frugal fido along with a kong, acadia antler and other toys that Schooner and Skipper love. She loved everything!
    Maybe your next book could be Things you should know about a bringing in new puppy to the home! There are so many people that are so clueless about puppies or dogs.

  • Jessica Sala

    Can’t wait for it to be released!