Making Seaside Fun Out of Seaweed


Sometimes life gives you lemonade…and sometimes it gives you sargassum…

As I told you about in yesterday’s quick post, we just returned from a two-night trip at the beach with Irie and Tiki. The beach normally looks like this:


Not this time.

Apparently one of the worst influxes of sargassum, a free-floating seaweed that makes up the Sargasso Sea, has struck the Texas coast. Today the coast looks like this:


Bulldozer try to keep up, mounding the sargassum into little mountains all along the beach:


We were worried…what to do? We couldn’t walk along the beach as usual, getting just in the shallow water that Irie and Tiki love so much. The water itself was a little creepy to be in because of the constant brushing of the sargassum.

As so often happens with our dogs, though, the question answered itself.

When life give you sargassum, you roll in it. Irie and Tiki couldn’t have been happier!

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  • SGilbert

    Irie was having so much fun rolling around in the sargassum. What does sargassum feel like???

  • lisalo

    It also has little jellyfish in it. And oh the aroma!!! Peeyoooooo……
    I avoid the beach til this clears up.