We Have a Name!

Do you ever keep your pets’ shelter names? For some reason or another, we have always changed our pets’ shelter names, with the exception of our Yoda, who was named by the city shelter:

Our newest family member came to us with the name of Sunday:

It’s a fine name but we didn’t adopt her on a Sunday…and it just seemed that we needed a name with a travel theme, to fit with most of our other pets. Irie has a Jamaican name, Tiki a tropical name, and Inca is named for Puente del Inca in Argentina. (Lucky is named for his predecessor, Felix.)

With this weekend’s fundraiser we’re doing for the City of Port Aransas Animal Shelter, we’ve been looking back through old photos of the community. Knowing that it will be months and probably years for the community to return to normal after being battered by Hurricane Harvey, it made it tough looking back through the years of photos we’ve taken with Irie and Tiki on our visits every spring and fall. We’d already made plans to return next month when the temperatures cooled.

So many of the photos we ran into were taken at the South Jetty, the concrete and granite block jetty that creates the ship channel. A favorite with anglers and large shorebirds, the jetty was also home to many feral cats.

One of our favorite stops was to pick up breakfast tacos at Whataburger then head out to the jetty to have breakfast with Irie and Tiki and watch the passing ships (and accompanying dolphins).

We never failed to see some beautiful birds at each stop…

The jetty is a focal point in this community of just over 4,000 residents–so much so that the local newspaper is called the Port Aransas South Jetty!

And so, in this week when Port Aransas has taken a nearly direct hit from Hurricane Harvey, and one in which we’re raising money to help the City of Port Aransas Animal Shelter, we’ve been nostalgic for one of our favorite getaways. And so we decided that our new kitty would be named…Jetty!




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  • tannawings

    Seems Like a great name! It isl ike one day itj ust clicks especially for the new ones. Quite a handsome kittty!