Getting Fit with Tagg, Part One

Last month in the Holiday Gift Guide we told you about Tagg – The Pet Tracker as a great way to locate your dog in case he or she should become lost. This GPD device attaches to your dog’s collar and allows you to track his movement and locate him quickly using an app on your smartphone.

We’ve been using Tagg for just over a month on both Irie and Tiki and we’re literally hooked on this device for the peace of mind it provides. Late last month we had a sad incident happen in our neighborhood: one of our neighbors was being visited by her brother from out of state. One afternoon, his 15-year-old deaf dog got out of the fenced yard and became lost. Everyone in our neighborhood searched and searched for Nikko. We took Irie and Tiki out and looked high and low, hoping they’d be able to find a scent since Nikko wasn’t able to hear calls for him and was completely unfamiliar with the neighborhood. Sadly, Nikko was never found in this remote, very wooded area. His loss really made us realize how quickly a dog could become lost, even with many people searching within hours of the time he went missing.

We’re so happy with the Tagg device and really recommend it to fellow dog lovers. (And, no, we’re not paid by Tagg and these links are not affiliate links on these posts. We received complimentary units to review with our dogs but all opinions are entirely our own; we just feel so strongly that this device can help prevent the heartache we know comes from a lost dog situation.)

But, besides the ability to find a lost dog with the device, Tagg also has another, newer feature: Activity Tracking. Similar to a human pedometer, the Tagg device tracks your dog’s activity. Unlike a pedometer, however, it doesn’t just tell you how many steps he took throughout the day but at what speed. What percentage of time does your dog spend resting? Lightly active? Moderately or highly active? The Activity Snapshot breaks it all down. Here’s Tiki’s activity from Sunday:

As you can see, Tiki had a pretty restful Sunday 🙂 We were gone half of the day so that accounts for some of her inactivity but we’re going to work on getting her more active (and, hopefully, in the process helping her lose a few pounds, per our veterinarian’s request.)

For the next month, we’ll be bringing you a Monday update about Tiki’s activity as we work to kick off 2013 with more activity!

In the meantime, please enter to win a Tagg unit for your dog!

Disclosure: We received Tagg units for review and Tagg is providing a unit to the giveaway winner; all opinions are entirely our own.

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  • Lennyg


  • My two dogs are probably inactive 60% of the day.

  • Shantelle Bailey

    My dog, I would guess is inactive about %75 of her day. She is a husky and can only be outside while supervised. Inside, she is a couch potato!

  • shilohsmom

    I’d say 80% of the day. He’s slowing down a lot due to old age.

  • vickie

    about 60% of the day for the older ladies, 50% for the younger one

  • Samoa (aka Sam) “rests” probably 80 percent of the day. She’s relatively lazy. Although, I’m sure it’s only because she doesn’t like to go outside. She doesn’t like to get her paws dirty. Strange O_o

  • Kim M

    Two of mine, I’d say 80%. The young guy though, he’s only inactive about 60% of his day!

  • LyricInTime2803

    I’m probably wrong, but I’d guess my young dog is only inactive maybe 40%… he’s a pretty high-energy guy. My older dog’s score would probably look more like your sample.

  • Phoenixtl

    About 50% of the day.

  • Probably close to 80%

  • inactive about 64 percent of the day

  • I’d say he’s inactive about 40% of the day!

  • Alexis

    My two female seniors, maybe 80% inactive. My puppy, maybe 50%. I’d love to try out the Tagg system!

  • I’d say about 75% of the time by 2 springers are inactive – they’re more active on the weekends when we’re home

  • I would say my dog is inactive 60% of the day

  • Gloria Walshver

    I’d say about 85% of the day.

  • scawn1626


  • Bentley is probably in active 70% of the day

  • Danielle E

    Wilson is proabaly acive 40% of the day

  • Danielle E

    Wilson is proabaly active 40% of the day

  • Gizmo R.

    Just about 20-30% active all day

  • Gianna


  • Rachael Turner

    Lily is active 30% of the day

  • I would guess my dog is inactive 90% of the day.. my pugs can be lazy!

  • ABPoz

    My dog is inactive about 70-75% of the day

  • I have four dogs. Three older and one 7 mo. old puppy. The older dogs are probably inactive 75% of the day. Whereas the puppy is probably active 80% of the day.

  • Heather W

    My dog is probably inactive about 40% of the day, maybe less.

  • Linne

    My dogs are probably very inactive 80% of the day since I work all day.

  • Robin Quick

    I would about 75% of the time.

  • I’d guess 85%

  • Emily G

    40% inactive approx. She is a working dog, and always on the go

  • cathy henatyszen

    we’ve got a small farm here, so the dogs keep pretty busy… i’d say they lay around maybe 25% of the time, unless it’s bad weather, then they’re in the house more

  • Sylvia Ortiz

    My dog is very restless but walking him is very unmanageable, with him pulling and yanking me so that he could “mark” every square inch.

  • Pipster