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As dog lovers, we all walk–a lot, right? With twice-daily walks of our dogs plus all the other running around we do, it really adds up.

But what if each of those steps you took could benefit your favorite animal rescue? Well, now, as Apple says, there’s an app for that!

ResQwalk allows you to select a rescue/shelter group to help each time you go on a walk with your dog — or a walk anywhere!

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After you’ve downloaded the free app, first select your favorite group. (You can later change groups, if you like.) “So far we have over 450 animal rescues and shelters across the United States and Canada signed up to receive donations from the app,” said Bailey Schroeder, CEO and Founder of ResQwalk. “I can’t wait to see everyone out walking, having fun and raising money for their favorite organizations.”

Once you’ve selected your favorite rescue group, all you need to do is login each time you take a walk–with or without your dog. Your steps will go to help your favorite rescue earn a larger proportion of the donation pool.

Right now, the donation pools are being funded by ResQwalk’s Indiegogo campaign. In the future, the pools will be funded by corporate sponsorship, advertisements and revenue generated in the ‘Shop’ section of the app. Each week, that donation pool will be divided among shelters and rescue groups based on how far their followers walked that week. There’s also a Shopping section for fundraising and a News area with pet-related content.

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Right now, the ResQwalk app is only available for iPhones but watch for an Android edition by the end of this summer. Based in New York City, ResQwalk supports rescues across the US and Canada but plans call for supporting animal welfare groups worldwide.

We love that the ResQwalk app is a way that you can donate to your favorite rescue group or shelter without spending a penny yourself! You and your dog can make sure that your daily walks help homeless animals–which we all know is a step in the right direction!

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  • Bailey Schroeder

    Thank you so much for a great article!

  • slcdweller

    Cool! Now where’s their android version?

  • Thanks for sharing! I’m involved with a new rescue group and I’m going to let everyone know about this to help us start raising more money. Plus, it will encourage me to walk farther knowing that every step I take may add a few pennies to what gets donated for my group.

    • Thanks; I think this is such a fun concept and a little extra motivation to take longer dog walks!