Preparing for Severe Weather


Although we live several hours from the Texas coastline, this week we’ve been preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Alex. Hurricanes can spawn tornadoes even this far inland and, for us, flooding is always a concern since this is flash flood country. We have a small creek with a low water crossing to reach our home so, when heavy rains come, we have to make the decision to leave before the creek rises or to stay and wait for the waters to recede.

As we always do when there’s the threat of flooding or severe weather, we prepare items for us, our dogs, and our cats in the case of either evacuation or being stranded at home for a few days. We stock up with batteries and food (we have cisterns so we don’t have to stock up on drinking water). We always keep plenty of pet food and medications on hand in case we’re stuck at home. We also have a bag packed (along with kennels and carriers) with food for each pet, medications, a copy of their veterinary records and microchip numbers, a photo of each pet, litter boxes and supplies, and spare leashes and collars in case we have to leave home.

Now we’re prepared for the rains to come during the next few days. We’ve received three inches of rain in the push of moisture in advance of the storm, and we’re already under a flash flood watch. We’re happy to say that, whether the rain turns out to be a little or a lot, all the members of our two- and four-legged family are prepared!

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  • Pintu

    Irie : “Hey dude! do u think its going to be heavy this year?”
    Tiki : “Oh Sis, never mind if the rain is light or heavy, we are all prepared!So, no worries. Lets just enjoy every bit!”

    • So true…they love every minute of it! The creek was getting SO low I was just about to write off this summer’s creek-swimming season for them and now there’s water again…yippee!

  • Pintu

    I love this picture of Irie and Tiki!

    • Thanks…I love this one, too! They just love going to the creek and we go down there at least twice a day!