Saving Money with Shelter Adoptions

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A while back we put out a challenge to readers to visit your local shelter the next time you need a pet and encourage friends to make a shelter visit. Both our dogs are from shelters and we couldn’t be happier.

But one thing we didn’t talk about in that post is the financial benefit of adopting from a shelter. Aside from the very real benefit of saving a dog or cat’s life, let’s talk dollars and cents.

dog-adoption-signThe most economical place to get a dog is a local shelter where you’ll be saving a life and gaining a new best friend. Although fees and services vary from location to location, for about a $100 donation you can adopt a dog who usually has been spayed or neutered, received a health check, often been microchipped, and received shots appropriate for his age. When you look at everything the shelter donation includes, you’ll see the savings:

Value of shelter services:

    Spay or neuter: $150-$250 (depending on size, sex of dog)
    First year of shots $150
    Microchipping $50
    Deworming $30

Total: $380-$480

This savings doesn’t include other veterinary care the dog may have received, heartworm preventative, flea preventative, etc.

Let’s compare the cost of adoption to the services you’ll receive:

Value of shelter services received: $380-$480
Minus adoption fee: $100 (this varies)

Your savings: $280-$380

Now, compare that to what you’d spend for a dog from a breeder or pet store:

Average cost of purebred dog: $800 (or higher)
Cost of spaying/neutering: $150-$250
Total: $950-$1050 (or higher)

Compared to shelter adoption fee: $100 (this varies)

Amount you save by adopting instead of purchasing from a breeder or pet store: $850-$950 (or higher)

When you do the math, you’ll see that the shelter dog is a bargain!

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