Scooping the Poop

Earlier this month we brought you a post by professional dog walker Kathy McNamara about finding a reputable dog walker. Today we have another special guest post from Kathy about a topic important to every dog lover: the importance of scooping the poop.

No one wants to walk around a neighborhood and step in dog waste. Picking it up is just part of having a dog, and every responsible dog owner needs to do it.

Not only do we hate to step in dog poop, it gives responsible dog owners a bad rap. Once poop becomes increasingly visible, responsible dog owners may no longer want to do their duty. Be respectful of your neighbors and their property.  If you walk your dog in the dark, bring a small flashlight so you can easily spot the waste.

It’s also unsanitary, and dog waste contains harmful bacteria that can be transmitted to humans and other animals.  It also may contain roundworms and hookworms which contaminate the areas where ill animals left their mess. This puts your family and pets at risk, and leads to swarming flies and mosquitoes. Plus when it rains, the waste goes into our storm drains and streams, leading to more water pollution.

It’s also illegal to allow a pet to urinate and/or defecate on private or public property (other than public streets or the property of the owner of the animal), and to fail to remove and dispose of it in a sanitary manner.

It’s so easy  to clean up.  Use a leftover plastic bag, slip it over your hand like a glove, pick up the waste, tie up the bag, and toss it into your garbage.  It’s that simple, and your neighbors will welcome the neighborhood dog walkers.

About the Author: Kathy McNamara owns WalkForDogs, a custom dog walking service provider in Overland Park, Kansas. For Overland Park, KS dog walking service, contact


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