Bartering for Dog-Related Services

Do you need a dog trainer? A groomer? A dog sitter? You might be able to barter your own skills to “pay” for dog-related services.

First, decide what skills you have to barter with—whether it’s dog-related skills (walking, grooming, pet sitting) or non-related (tax preparation, housecleaning, baking).

While direct bartering is an easy way to trade off work with neighbors and friends (I’ll babysit for you and you dog sit for me), organized boards for barterers make it easy to trade your skills beyond your own circle of acquaintances. has extensive barter boards arranged by state, a good starting point.

Also, sites like help you barter by “banking” your time in exchange for someone else’s time; the site lists time banks worldwide.

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  • This is a great idea, especially in this economic climate.