Ask Alecia: My Dog Attacked a Dog at the Dog Park!

Dear Alecia, My 20-month-old Weimaraner, a non aggressive breed by nature, attacked a dog at the dog park, on two separate occasions with no provocation whatsoever. It has never happened with any other dog. I cannot figure it out. I saw it both times and IMMEDIATELY went after it. What’s up with that? WHY? He is not neutered. We have been to this same dog park at least 15 times without incident. Usually he is the passive one, with dogs coming after him. This was a smaller mixed breed. My dog is 68 pounds; the other dog is about 50 pounds, I’d guess. Please advise. – Cynthia

Dear Cynthia,

Dogs like people have preferences. We don’t always understand why we like or don’t like another it just sometimes happens that way.

As your dog comes into his maleness more and more he will be more sensitive or alert to other particulars about another dog that we just may not understand. He may start sensing that he can take charge by bullying or attacking for no reason.

In this case, I would ask if perhaps you have thought about neutering him which could possibly solve the issue or you may have to step up your leadership with him so that he knows that you are in charge of all walks which will allow him to lower his energy and could alleviate his tendency.

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