Ask Dr. Diane: Adopting a Mom and Her Pup?

Dear Dr. Diane, My husband and I and our three children are looking to adopt a puppy. We found a loving mom pup who is one year old and her four puppies. We are thinking about adopting the mom and one of her female pups. Would this be a good idea?

I think it is a fine idea for you to adopt the Mama pup and one of her babies. They may have forged a deep bond, and if not, will probably do so. The other pups in the litter, depending upon their treatment by the breeder, should adjust to their Mama’s absence just so long as they’ve been with her for a long enough time to be cared for and socialized by her. A puppy should generally not be taken away from its mother until it is eight weeks of age. Some breeders say twelve weeks before sending the puppies off to their new homes.

The last few weeks of mother’s milk will help strengthen the puppies’ immune systems. During the first three months of a puppy’s life, the Mama will socialize and discipline them and teach them how to be submissive and to behave with other dogs.
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